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Anthropic Introduces Claude: A Safer AI Assistant

Learn more about Claude, an AI assistant by Anthropic and ChatGPT rival promising a better AI experience with less toxicity, bias, and hallucinations.

anthropic claude ai assistant

Anthropic, an AI safety and research company, announced the arrival of a new ChatGPT rival, Claude. Claude is an AI assistant built with conversational and text-processing capabilities.

What separates Claude from ChatGPT? Anthropic’s founders – former VPs of research, safety, and policy at OpenAI – built Claude on the premise that AI should be helpful, honest, and harmless.

Unlike other AI chatbots, Claude aims to offer a safer AI with less toxic, biased, and hallucinatory responses to make the rapid developments in AI positively affect the world.

The product page offers examples of ways Claude can be utilized for asking legal questions, getting career advice, synthesizing search results, automating office tasks, supporting sales, and handling customer service inquiries.

Claude is available in two models:

  • A powerful model (Claude-v1) that can handle sophisticated dialog, creative content generation, and detailed instructions.
  • A faster and less expensive model (Claude Instant) that can handle casual dialog, text analysis and summarization, and document Q&A.

Pricing for Claude-v1 and Claude Instant is shown below.

anthropic claude pricingScreenshot from, March 2023

How To Access Claude

Early access to both models is available when you sign up on the Anthropic website.

In addition to using Claude-v1 and Claude Instant, you can see Claude in action through partners like Quora, DuckDuckGo, and Notion.

Quora has incorporated OpenAI GPT-4 and Claude-v1.2 into their new app, Poe.

Subscribers to Poe can receive 300 GPT-4 and 1,000 Claude+ messages monthly before encountering limits with messaging speed, bot availability, and quality.

poe ai claude pricingScreenshot from Poe, March 2023

DuckDuckGo utilizes Claude in its new DuckAssist feature that turns search results into natural language answers using Wikipedia. It’s currently available for free via the desktop browser and browser extensions.

duckduckgo duckassist aiScreenshot from DuckDuckGo, March 2023

Additional implementations of Claude include the following.

  • Notion AI is a product that helps users automate tedious work tasks, write better messages to work colleagues, and beat writer’s block through unlimited brainstorming and helpful writing prompts. Notion AI is $10 per month, making it less expensive for content generation and editing than Grammarly Premium, ChatGPT+, and Jasper.
  • The Juni Tutor Bot is a tutor bot students can access 24/7 for help with various math, science, writing, and foreign language courses. It also helps with test prep for the SAT, ACT, and PSAT.
  • Robin Review offers AI-powered contract editing, reducing the time from drafting a contract to getting a signature by 80%. They even offer a challenge that allows you to see if you can edit a portion of a contract faster than the AI.

Related AI News

The release of Claude by Anthropic comes in the midst of a flurry of AI developments.

  • Microsoft Germany reportedly mentioned the release of GPT-4 this week.
  • OpenAI announced the release of GPT-4, available for the API (waitlist), ChatGPT premium subscribers, and Bing users.
  • Google announced new generative AI features for Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and MakerSuite.
  • Microsoft is hosting a livestream event on March 16th, focusing on the future of work with AI. It’s speculated that Microsoft will announce generative AI for Microsoft Office apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Featured Image: Golden Sikorka/Shutrerstock

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Anthropic Introduces Claude: A Safer AI Assistant

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