Announcing SEJ’s First Featured SEO Writer, Glenn Gabe

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Search Engine Journal is excited to announce that Glenn Gabe, a regular contributor to SEJ, will be a “Featured SEO Columnist.” Glenn has been writing for SEJ since 2009, and he has a trusted reputation throughout the SEO community due to his experience as President of G-Squared Interactive, his Internet marketing consulting agency.

I have been following Glenn for a few years now, and I have come to respect his sharp, technical understanding of SEO and his ability to break down current events and news with insightful commentary and advice.

As a featured columnist, Glenn will also cover various industry conferences and marketing events for Search Engine Journal. If you want Glenn to cover your event, hit us up here.

You can follow Glenn on Twitter @GlennGabe and  Google+, plus read more from Glenn by reading his blog.

Read Glenn’s 2012 Posts on SEJ:

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