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Ann Smarty Named Director of Media for Search & Social

I’m very happy to announce today that Search & Social Media, LLC, the parent company of Search Engine Journal, has hired Ann Smarty as our Director of Media for the Search & Social Media Network. As the ful time Director of Media for Search & Social, Ann’s top priorities include :

  • Managing columnists and guest blogging appearances on Search Engine Journal
  • Participating on other third party properties on behalf of Search & Social
  • Blogger outreach and Social Media outreach on behalf of Search & Social and our clients
  • Developing media and blogging plans for other S&S properties such as IMBroadcast and DailySEOTip
  • Developing blogging strategies for Search & Social client blogs and their respected writers

Many of you know Ann from her countless SEJ posts and numerous guest blogging appearances across many other blogs and properties. Ann has been a part time employee of Search Engine Journal for over a year now and has done an amazing job at expanding the reach of the site and establishing a community feel for our amazing columnists and bloggers.

Ann Smarty

Jordan, Dave and I could not ask for a finer team member and more devoted Director of Media at Search & Social than Ann. I asked Ann for a quote on her new position for the news release, and thought it best just to add it here to this announcement as Ann’s thoughts on working with Search & Social reflect the excitement we all have been going through over the past two weeks and while also planning the future of the company.

I’ve had a choice: to continue building my own business and personal brand or to become part of something huge and exciting. And I chose the latter because at this stage I saw more possibilities in building and promoting a huge company: I have been temped by the variety of assignments I am going to have and the diversity of experiences I am offered to get.

That was the main reason… but not the only one. SEJ was another important reason I wanted to become part of the new company. The blog has long been my home and Loren has long been my great friend – so I just I felt the need to head where they were heading.

Stability was another (not that important) reason – I no more have to worry if I lose one of my clients I’ve been promoting for a long time. Now I am always backed by the solid team of partners and co-workers who ensure I am never alone…

So here I am! Having 3 bosses at a time (that’s for the downside, I guess, but don’t tell them ;)). And I promise to give my heart and time to the new company we are building!

If you are interested in contributing to Search Engine Journal as a guest blogger, please contact Ann at ann [AT]

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Ann Smarty Named Director of Media for Search & Social

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