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Andy Hagans on Beating the Google Sandbox

Andy Hagans on Beating the Google Sandbox

When you hear the name Andy Hagans, what comes to mind? My best guess that if I posted this question in poll form, the number one response would be link bait (or possibly #2), followed by link building and possibly article distribution.

What comes to my mind is an honest voice in the SEO / Search Marketing world who’s not afraid to tell it like it is and brings an oddball sense of humor to the table. Heck, how many others in the SEO world admit to their laziness as much as Andy.

Not only do I think of a trusted & transparent SEO advocate when I hear Andy’s name, but also the steak dinner he bought me and this bunch of roughians in San Jose over the summer.

So, when Andy makes a post on the Link Building Blog about building trust via linking to keep out of the Google Sandbox(es), people should take a bit of notice.

Andy writes:

What is the sandbox? Does it really exist?

I almost didn’t include this little section, because the “Does the sandbox exist?” debate has become as annoying as the “white hat vs. black hat” one. But just to be absolutely clear, 3the sandbox does exist. No, it’s not just a straight aging delay, as originally thought; and no, you don’t have to call it “the sandbox” if you don’t want to. (In fact, I kind of prefer the term “Trustbox”.) But speaking as an organic-only guy who has launched a site every other week for the past two years (really), I can tell you that “this sandbox/Trustbox thingy” appears again and again independent of niche, type of site, number of pages, etc.

As for what it is: The sandbox/Trustbox is a set of filters in Google’s search algorithm that together prevent new sites from ranking well until they gain trust.

So, how does one gain trust and beat the Google Sandbox?

Andy breaks it down in these three easy steps:

1. Build a Good, Quality Site.
2. Get trusted links via directories, wikipedia, mailing friends, buying links and leveraging existing sites.
3. Link Bait like Crazy : Earn links with lists, controversy & originality.

Read Andy “Organic-Is-My-Middle-Name” Hagans’ full post; Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0 REVEALED: The Ultimate Guide.

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Andy Hagans on Beating the Google Sandbox

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