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After One Month, Bing Reports Positive Trend

We’ve been reporting about various gains and milestones that Bing was able to achieve during its first months, all of them coming from third party data sources. With July’s site traffic performance kicking in, it’s just about the right time for the Bing folks to report on their performance for June.The Bing Community Blog had it all covered. According to an official post, user response to Bing was quite overwhelming with 8% growth in unique users to for the whole month of June. Even the results of their own user poll indicated positive remarks on Bing with respondents saying that they will most likely recommend the use of Bing for searching purposes.

Likewise, Bing’s Shopping portal also showed a positive note in terms of site visits and consumer activities. A 3x increase in site visits plus a 5.42% increase in cashback transactions were registered since Bing launched a month ago.

Bing’s Travel  site’s  traffic increased as well, registering 90% growth since Bing launched.

The goodies didn’t stop there though. Bing is also positively impacting Microsoft’s advertising partners with the release of Bing. The article gave the following examples of advertisers experiencing some positive gains with Bing’s rollout.

  • Since the launch of Bing, TigerDirect has seen sales and order volume triple, and seen both conversion rate and average order size increase significantly. Based on this early success, TigerDirect has increased its search marketing spend with Bing by twofold.
  • One IT provider has reported 36% higher click volume, 43% lower cost-per-click and 400% higher click-through rates in June.
  • A large wireless communications company’s campaigns have received 28% more clicks since Bing launched than in previous weeks.
  • One PC manufacturer’s impressions have increased 46% since Bing launched.

Naturally, with the success that Bing is getting, webmasters and developer would also want to dip their hands into Bing. And many of them did. As a proof, Bing’s API has been getting around 22,000 requests for usage. With the launch of Bing Toolbox, a webmaster tools and resources, more webmasters and site developers would surely want to partake of what Bing has to offer for their sites.

With all these successes, one can’t help but wonder whether Bing will be able to sustain user interests and maintain an increasing trend in site traffic, search query volume and other performance indicators?

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After One Month, Bing Reports Positive Trend

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