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Google Now Distributing Online Video Content : Starts with Seth MacFarlane Series

Remember Adsense for Videos which debuted not so long ago? We haven’t heard too much about this new form of placing Google paid ads since it was launched, until now. The NYT is reporting about the agreement between Google and Seth MacFarlane, creator of TV program “Family Guy”, who is embarking on new animation series made for internet only, called “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.”

Now, if you’re wondering what Google Adsense has to do with this cartoon comedy show? Here’s the fun part, apparently, Google will be syndicating the said cartoon comedy show through, well none other than Adsense. That is instead of serving static ads on its advertisers’ websites, Google will instead serve video clips of the cartoon comedy program together with Adsense ads.

Google Ads that will be served in those video clips will either be “preroll ads” which will be displayed before the videos, or banner ads to be placed at the bottom of the videos, or a “brought to you by” ads at the beginning of the video clips.

In this agreement, Google pays Mr. MacFarlane with a percentage of the revenue earned by the ads. Advertisers get a new avenue to display their ads and possible additional captive audience, which incidentally are mostly young men, and everybody seems to be happy in the end.

NYT cited that some Hollywood film financiers are betting millions that the project will succeed. We could not help but ask, will consumers click on the ads?

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Google Now Distributing Online Video Content : Starts with Seth MacFarlane Series

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