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AdSense Giving Improved Machine Learning to Publishers

Google announced three changes coming to AdSense. The most exciting change is the introduction of machine learning technology that presumably improves the AutoAds machine learning feature. AdSense will give publishers access to improved machine learning technology that will help publishers earn more money.

Among the announced changes are controls and transparency tools. They will allow publishers to understand what is happening. The new tools will also give publishers the ability to exercise control.

Improved Machine Learning For AdSense

Google announced new machine learning features coming to AdSense. These features will enable publishers to use machine learning to make decisions of ad sizes and so on.

The AdSense announcement did not mention this as an improvement to the existing AutoAds program that also uses machine learning. AutoAds is a system that serves ads using machine learning technology that was made available on February 2018.

What the announcement described seems similar. So it may not be unreasonable to assume that this update that is coming is an improvement to the existing AutoAds feature.

The machine learning  technology will presumably leverage vast ad serving data. The goal is to show the best ads to site visitors.

Better technology may help publishers achieve the best ad serving decisions. So it’s great news that machine learning will become available soon to AdSense publishers.

Here is how AdSense describes the machine learning technology:

“First up, smarter sizing, better ad placements and new formats powered by Google’s machine learning technology.”

“We’ve been investing heavily in understanding the best ways to increase user interest in ads, including when and what type of ads to show, while ensuring they complement your content… Alongside these new capabilities, we’ll bring you the controls, reporting, and transparency you expect from AdSense to ensure we’re constantly meeting your needs…”

Improvements to Dashboard Tools & Reporting

The second improvement that AdSense announced was a promise to provide research tools. The new tools will provide better feedback on ad performance. They will also give publishers an idea of how the ads are performing relative to other websites.

According to Google:

“We’re hard at work on a number of new assistive features that give you more insight into your performance when you’re ready to take action, a clearer understanding of how you’re doing relative to your peers and the industry, and improved navigation to help you get it all done faster.”

AdSense and Ad Quality Standards

The third announcement was a pledge to continue abiding by established advertising standards.

These standards are created by the Coalition for Better Ads. These industry standards hold advertisers to creating ads that are acceptable to consumers.

“AdSense and Google are committed to… continue to meet and exceed important industry standards on ads quality, including the Better Ads Standards, to make sure that great publishers who make engaging content are rewarded, while advertisers can continue to spend with confidence.”

About the Better Ad Standards

The Coalition for Better Ads is an industry group. The group’s task is to research and develop ad standards.  The standards seek to identify ads that are acceptable to consumers, advertisers and publishers.

The ad standards are based on research of 25,000 consumers. The goal was to identify advertising that drives consumers to adopt ad blockers. The Coalition for Better Ads used their research to develop standards for what represents acceptable ads.

Publishers Urged to Update Contact Info

Google’s announcement also reminded publishers to check their contact details. It stressed the importance of checking that the email address is up to date.

AdSense stated that enabling some of the new features may require up to date contact information.

Improvements to the AdSense Program

Access to machine learning technology will be a welcome addition to AdSense. It may take a lot of the guess work out deciding which ad sizes and colors will generate more earnings.

This announcement addresses the reason why publishers sign up for AdSense. That reason is to earn advertising revenue from content. Machine learning may free publishers to focus more time to do what they do best: creating content. That is what made the AdSense program revolutionary so it’s great to see AdSense return to those roots.

Read the official AdSense announcement here.

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AdSense Giving Improved Machine Learning to Publishers

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