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Adobe Announces Solution For Running Marketing Campaigns On Apple Pay and Google Wallet

In light of the rise in mobile payment solutions, a tool is on the way to help marketers get their products in front of the growing number of people using those services.

These evening, at the Adobe Digital Summit being held throughout the week in Salt Lake City, Adobe announced a strategic partnership with mobile marketing company Vibes. Through this partnership we will begin to see Vibes’ mobile marketing capabilities come to Adobe Marketing Cloud.

This means that when you run campaigns in Adobe Marketing Cloud, you will now be able to send branded content (coupons, loyalty cards, etc.) to Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet. Using Vibes’ unique mobile wallet technology businesses will have complete control over the customization and distribution of promotional content across all mobile channels, which also include SMS and push messaging.

Matt Asay, VP, Mobile at Adobe, stated during the announcement:

“This integration allows digital marketers to create and manage campaigns for mobile wallet, SMS and push messaging seamlessly from a single platform. There is tremendous value in presenting marketers with a unified view into online and offline activities so that they can create mobile campaigns that are more effective, insightful and personalized.”

Mark Tack, VP of marketing at Vibes, further explains how this partnership is going to benefit marketers:

“This is more than just a partnership for us. This is an opportunity for leading marketers who currently love and use Adobe Marketing Cloud regularly to start experiencing the marketing power of Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet easily and seamlessly. Now that Apple Pay has put mobile wallet on the map, marketers are looking for a way ‘in,’ and they should start by getting their content into mobile wallet.”

Imagitas, a Pitney Bowes marketing services company, has also integrated Vibes’ technology with its digital campaigns powered by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Imagitas uses Vibes to deliver digital coupons through text messages, and will be introducing mobile coupon support for Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet very shortly.

As more consumers turn to the services provided on their phone to make purchases at brick and mortar stores, the ability to send marketing messages through those services is going to become quite valuable.

Think if you had the ability to run marketing campaigns on debit and credit card machines — to me that sounds a lot like the features being offered by Adobe and Vibes, except without quite as large an audience yet.

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Adobe Announces Solution For Running Marketing Campaigns On Apple Pay and Google Wallet

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