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Adam Lasnik Now a Google Cuttlett

Adam Lasnik Now a Google Cuttlett

Matt Cutts has announced that he’s taken Adam Lasnik under his wing to assist with Google search results and ad performance quality control and web publisher communications. I’ve glanced past Adam’s Bladam blog several times over the past years and although I admit to not being very familiar with Mr. Lasnik, Matt – being a rather good judge of quality in his own right – says that Adam is intelligent, nice, patient, and well-spoken. And now a Google employee.

So, what is Mr. Lasnik doing at Google besides being an official Cuttlett?

Adam gives a rundown of his new responsibilities :

My main focus is on broadening communications between Google and Webmasters… learning as much as I can from both Matt and the Webmasters he chats with so amiably and then building upon this rapport. Or, more colloquially, as it’s been joked around the office, my uber-challenging goal is to become a “MiniMatt.” Though a colleague did note that a MiniMatt sounds like a scary cross between a convenience store and a diminutive vacuum cleaner. Hmm.

You’ll find me hanging out at Webmaster conferences and various geek gatherings, occasional replying to Google-related blog or forum posts, tackling some Webmaster-related e-mails, and undoubtedly popping up in other random places.

I’ll also be a “Webmaster Advocate” inside the Googleplex. I’ve seen firsthand that tons of folks here already eagerly read and appreciate Google- and search-related comments throughout the Web; I’ll be doing what I can to expedite concerns, bug reports, and other feedback to the right colleagues.

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Adam Lasnik Now a Google Cuttlett

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