Acompli is Now Microsoft #Outlook for Mobile: An Interview with Peter Farago, Former Acompli CMO

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Microsoft announced today that Acompli, the email management app it acquired last month, will become Outlook for Android and iOS.

I interviewed Peter Farago, former CMO of Acompli, to discuss his marketing strategy that assisted in getting Acompli acquired.

Peter covers why having a “dream team” is important and what aspects of startups and Silicon Valley culture could be applied to almost any organization.

Key Insights from Peter:

  • “At a small business…you don’t walk in with big budgets or a big history you can franchise…scale, resources, and focus are what change a lot when you’re very, very early stage [start-up].”
  • “Email is something that people use differently, depending on who you are….[we asked], ‘What is it that we are making that can improve business users’ lives through email and help them work better, from anywhere. What is that story going to be?'”
  • “The best way to iterate fast is to get a lot of feedback.”
  • “[The main positioning] idea we went with was, ‘Email just got a promotion, and now it’s your turn.'”

In this episode of Marketing Nerds, we cover:

  • Why having the right people is important
  • How Peter’s early experience working for Electronic Arts (specifically on Sims 2) helped shape his methods for working with startups
  • What all organizations can adopt from the startup mentality
  • What to focus on first before launching a product or service

To listen to Marketing Nerds with Peter Farago:

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Disclosure: Congrats to Acompli co-founder Kevin Henrikson, also a co-founder of Alpha Brand Media, which is the parent company of Search Engine Journal.

Visit our Marketing Nerds archive to listen to other Marketing Nerds podcasts!

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