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ABC’s of Google AdSense

ABC’s of Google AdSense

It seems like everytime I visit Amit Agarwal’s blog, Digital Inspiration, something has changed on his template. Amit does a wonderful job of bringing his XML feeds, email sign up form, and links to his favorite blog posts directly into the users eye. Get used to the template he’s using and as soon as I click over from Bloglines, he’s playing with something else.

One of the ever changing parts of Amit’s three column blog is his placing of Google AdSense ads. Currently he’s using small ads in the sidebar, one big rectangle on the top of his post area, then mini-banners accompanied by complimentary graphics after his posts. Last month I believe he was testing a Weblogs Inc. style Kubrick template with long skyscraper Google AdSense ads and smaller AdSense links integrated into his site’s navigation.

So, what better man to put together the ABC’s of Google AdSense than Amit? Amit’s 27 Self-Tested Working Google Adsense Tips that could increase your ad revenue are now posted on Digital Inspiration and I recommend that all web publishers take a look ’cause you just may learn something new.

Amit also points to an Unofficial AdSense FAQ page put together by “Nintendo.” I’m not sure if this is the same “Nintendo” from SitePoint Forums, but if it is, it’s good to see that he’s expanded his knowledge of Amazon Affiliate Feeds into the contextual advertising realm. How’s your AdSense performing?

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ABC’s of Google AdSense

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