A Marketer is No One without a Programmer

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Lately, many companies who have requested my marketing services for their new product or web application feel that I can work my magic and make it so their sub-par product does really well. In reality, this is impossible. Marketing can only be successful when you have a genuinely compelling product. Sites like [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com), [Skype](http://www.skype.com), and [Flickr](http://www.flickr.com) all did well because of all the programming and product development that went into building great services which enabled great marketing to do its trick.
If you don’t believe me, just take a look at [AuctionAds](http://www.auctionads.com).
Most people associate AuctionAds with a fellow named [Shoemoney](http://www.shoemoney.com) who is the main guy behind the product. Most people do not know about [David Dellanave](http://www.dellanave.com/), who is the programmer behind the product. The only reason the service is able to produce hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue per month is because David made sure it could handle millions of hits a day.
And to take it one step further, David also blogged about the networking environment AuctionAds ran-on which ended up spreading throughout Digg, Netscape, StumbleUpon and many of the other social sites out there.
So before you plan on release a not-so-great product and hope it does well because you have a big marketing budget, think again. Spend you money wisely on making a great product and finding a great developer so that your marketing efforts will not cause you to “pull your hair out” and mine as well.

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