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9 Stats You Should Know About B2B Marketing in 2015

In competitive B2B markets, staying ahead of the most effective marketing trends can mean the difference between your success, or your competitor’s.

9 Stats You Should Know About B2B Marketing in 2015

In super competitive B2B markets, staying ahead of the most effective marketing trends and practices can mean the difference between your success…or your competitor’s.

Content marketing engine Kapost put together an infographic based on what senior marketers had to say about their most effective strategies, in a survey performed by Regalix. In it, they found that the number one go-to-market strategy in B2B today is ‘understanding buyer needs,’ identified by 69% of respondents as key.

Product Marketing

When it comes to B2B product marketing, 80% of senior marketers said creating marketing collateral is a top priority. This was followed by sales enablement (71%), defining position (70%), creating marketing plans (70%) and launch planning (69%).

In one surprising finding, we learned only 84% of B2B companies invest in product marketing. Sure, that’s the majority, but personally I’m having a lot of trouble understanding why 16% of companies don’t invest in product marketing at all!

Metrics For Measuring Effectiveness

Another area that made me look twice was this: 89% of marketers use ‘new customer acquisition’ as the metric they use to measure the impact of product marketing, while 70% look at ‘revenue generated’. I expected to see revenue pegged as a top metric by virtually all B2B companies, so that one threw me for a bit of a loop.

The Most Popular Digital Channels

As for the most popular channels for B2B product marketing, the website still reigns supreme, with 91% of senior marketers identifying it as a channel of choice for their business. Other popular digital channels included email (89%), webinars (77%), social media (76%) and SEO (64%).

Check out the full infographic and see if your B2B product marketing best practices are in line with where senior marketers are focusing their efforts today:



Looking for more tips for B2B online marketing? Check out Ben Jacobson’s post. 


Image credit: Kapost

Author has no affiliation with Kapost.

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