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9 Google Bookmarklets for SEOs

9 Google Bookmarklets for SEOs

A bookmarklet is often a good alternative to FireFox extension: first, they are not limited to FireFox; secondly, they are easier to backup and quicker to install and easier to organize; thirdly, most of them do not require constant updates. What I am offering today is a nice collection of SEO bookmarklets that involve Google search.

Note: to install a bookmarklet just grab a link and drag it into your bookmarks toolbar. Also please comment here if any of them won’t work with you (specify the browser).

Quick tip: if you like an idea and want to install many of Google bookmarklets, consider creating a separate folder for them to save space.

Google bookmarklets - folder

  1. Search selected text on Google (by Stuntdubl): highlight the word and search for it in Google. (search results open in the same window)
  2. Google Insights Bookmarklet (by Google Tutor): search Google and then click it to see the searched term stats in Google Insights;
  3. Google Trends Websites (another one from Google Tutor): shows Google trends for the current domain.
  4. Google Cache bookmarklet allows for a quick access to the cached version of the current page. I am sure, as an SEO you often need to view a page saved Google copy – so you will find it quite useful.
  5. X-Browser SEO bookmarklet (by Search and Social) allows to quick access to the page and domain important SEO statistics right from Google search results (and offers many features besides enhancing Google search). Works too slow with me though…
  6. Google definition: highlight a term on page and get the definition from Google (probably, not too often used by SEOs but can be very useful for bloggers and copywriters).
  7. Blog search: finds blog mentions of the highlighted term (based on Google Blog Search);
  8. Search this domain: (based on site: operator) give it a term and it will search for it in Google within current domain only.
  9. Show similar pages: (based on related: operator) shows the page co-citation.

Sources: GoogleSystem,

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