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9+ Free Trials That Can Instantly Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

9+ Free Trials That Can Instantly Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

I just wanted to share some of the Internet’s most incredibly marketing software that can help you instantly improve your rankings, conversion rates, and revenues in a relatively short amount of time. And oh yeah, you can try each for free!

Don’t Miss out on your Free Trials on some of the top online marketing tools! Click here to start your free trials: SEMRush, SEOMOZ, Raven Tools, 7 Day trial for Wordtracker

1) Ontolo – Ontolo is an extremely powerful (semi) automated link prospecting and building tool that can help your business dramatically improve its link profile in a relatively short amount of time. The trial period is 14 days and will provide you with 1000+ new link prospects for the whopping price of $0. Credit card is required. *Note – for the best results make sure you set up your campaign carefully and follow all directions. I cannot stress this enough…

2) SEM Rush – SEM Rush provides incredibly valuable intelligence data on your competition. It estimates your competitors’ top keywords, cpc, traffic stats, and more. No credit card required! Simply sign-up for a free account and use the code which can be found over at SEO Book for a free two week trial.

3) ClickTale – Wouldn’t it be great to be able to know how your visitors interact with your site? Maybe see where their mouse hovers/clicks, how far down the page they get, and even watch recorded visitor sessions? You can know all this and more…for free…with ClickTale! *Note – you are limited to 100 page views with your trial but they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

4) BuzzStream – Another great link building tool (among other things) is BuzzStream. For 14 days you will be able to find oh so juicy link prospects and effectively prioritize, manage and scale your efforts through BuzzStream’s convenient interface. Credit card required.

5) Raven Tools – Raven tools is a comprehensive SEO, social, analytics, and overall marketing package that is both simple to use and very useful. You can better manage and visualize your marketing data by having it all conveniently located in Raven’s dashboard. Trial period is 30 days and no credit card is needed.

6) Wordtracker – For seven days you will have access to Wordtracker’s awesome keyword research tool. A great thing to consider when starting a new project or launching new products. Wordtracker is very robust and gives you tons of info on long tail keywords you may have never even considered (that’s the point). You will also have access to their link building tool I highly recommend. Credit card information required.

7) Free Adwords Credits – Get tons of free traffic using Google Adwords free trial credits. I don’t need to go into too much detail. Free traffic is a no-brainer. Credit card required.

8) SEOmoz – (and all the free trials that come with it!) – One of the best free trials you can get your hands on, hands down. Not only will you have access to Linkscape/Open Site Explorer data – you can also: research keyword difficulty, have your SEO questions answered by professionals, identify broken links and see graded on-page optimization reports, and that’s just for starters. You will also be eligible for discounts and freebies for a ton of other marketing services, products, and even industry events. Don’t miss it! 30 day trial requires a credit card.

9) Constant Contact – For 60 days and no credit card information you can use one of Constant Contact’s marketing offerings. Pick from: surveys, email marketing, or event marketing. All are great tools to help jump start your marketing efforts.

9+ Free Trials That Can Instantly Improve Your Online Marketing EffortsMagic Combinations

Normally I would recommend taking each free trial one after the other in order to get the most benefit. However I realize that some of these offers might end soon – and not everyone has enough time to fully experiment with each. As a result I will propose a few combinations that can give you some great results and best bang for your buck (which is to say a whole lot of bang and no buck at all)

Ultimate Keyword Targeting
Trials: SEM Rush or Wordtracker & SEOMoz
This combination is great for businesses who are just launching their sites. You can use SEM Rush or Wordtracker to discover new keywords you should be targeting – and then use SEOMoz’s keyword difficulty tool to prioritize and decide which ones to go after first.

The Primate Delight
Trials: Constant Contact or Mail Chimp & Survey Monkey (both primate named services offer free options – but not technically trials)
Create your own surveys using Constant Contact or Survey Monkey and then use Mail Chimp to send the survey links in an email blast to your customers for tons of free data (make sure you offer something in return like a discount or chance to win a prize)

Free Adwords Credits & Click Tale
Take advantage of the extra traffic gained from free PPC credits to increase the amount of data you get from ClickTale. *Note – ClickTale puts a limit on the number of pageviews offered in its free trial – however with a little negotiating you might be able to pull off a couple days of unlimited pageviews for free (we did!).

There are tons of other free trials out there too –

Visual Website Optimizer
User Voice
Vertical Response

…and the list could go on and on

I just want to call attention to the fact that I am not encouraging you to simply take these free trials and bolt. I have personally tried each of these services and am a paid subscriber to a few as well. All of these products and services are extremely valuable to your online marketing efforts and are well worth the money charged. Please show some support to these awesome companies who are confident enough in their products to offer free trials to (hopefully appreciative) marketing professionals like you and me. Great job guys…keep it up!

Do you know of other awesome free trials that can instantly help your online marketing efforts? Or perhaps other custom combinations using the tools I have mentioned? Share your best ideas with everyone in the comments!

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9+ Free Trials That Can Instantly Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

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