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79% of Digital Advertisers are Also Using SEO in Their Marketing Strategies

New data reveals that 79% of digital advertisers are also using SEO as part of their marketing strategy in 2019.

That’s one of many statistics included in WordStream’s report on the online advertising landscape in 2019.

It’s important to highlight that particular point as it goes to show how valuable SEO is even to those who prioritize paid marketing channels.

When asked what other marketing channels are being used to grow their business in 2019, other than digital advertising, SEO was the top choice amongst respondents.

Content marketing, email marketing, and word of mouth marketing were also among the channels most used by digital advertisers.

Here is a complete list of responses.

Outside of digital advertising, what other marketing channels are you using to grow your business in 2019?

  • SEO – 79%
  • Email marketing – 66%
  • Content marketing – 60%
  • Word of mouth marketing – 47%
  • Direct mail – 32%
  • Event marketing – 26%
  • Guerrilla marketing – 9%
  • Affinity marketing – 6%
  • Telemarketing – 4%
  • Other – 1%

Advertisers tend to prioritize paid search over organic search because of the potential for immediate profit.

However, it’s clear that advertisers also realize the long-term benefits of investing in SEO.

“Like content marketing, SEO can be an extremely valuable long-term strategy when done effectively. Kudos to those surveyed for recognizing the importance of balancing short-term results with a long-term strategy for sustainable growth!”

Other Notable Statistics

Here are some other key takeaways from WordStream’s report:

  • 44% of advertisers are spending the same amount on Google search ads in 2019 as they did in 2018.
  • 46% of advertisers are spending more on Google search ads this year.
  • A quarter of advertisers do not use any form of display advertising.
  • Nearly a third of advertisers are spending more on Instagram ads this year.
  • Half of advertisers do everything in-house.
  • The number one challenge for all types of advertisers is time limitations.
  • Generating a profit is by far the most important goal for advertisers.

For more data related to online advertising in 2019, see the full report here.

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79% of Digital Advertisers are Also Using SEO in Their Marketing Strategies

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