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72% of Marketers Have No Plans to Optimize for Voice Search

A study of top marketing priorities for 2019-2020 finds 72% of respondents have no plans to optimize for voice search.

The study includes responses from more than 1,000 creative and digital marketing decision-makers.

Only 17% of those surveyed said they already have, or plan to optimize for voice search within the next 12 months.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to stay ahead of competitors over the next year, optimizing for voice search is one way you can stand out.

Image search is another overlooked area, as only 35% of respondents say they plan to optimize for visual search over the next 12 months.

What Are Marketers’ Top Priorities?

Voice and visual search are clearly not high on marketers’ lists of priorities, according to this survey, so what are they prioritizing?

Video marketing is the big one, as 76% of respondents said it’s their top priority for 2019-2020. Tools they plan on using to achieve their video marketing goals include Instagram stories (76%) and Facebook newsfeed videos (62%).

Other top video marketing types for 2019-2020 include: gifs (52%); cinemagraphs (31%); live streaming (28%) and IGTV (21%).

A glaringly obvious omission from this list is YouTube, the world’s largest video publishing platform. Therein lies another opportunity for savvy marketers.

YouTube has significantly greater reach than Instagram and Facebook, as YouTube videos can be more easily shared with others and embedded into website content.

A video published on YouTube can also be repurposed on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, which can really help amplify reach. So it’s especially interesting to see video marketing listed as a top priority with no mention of using YouTube.

For more information on marketers’ top priorities in 2019-2020, download the full set of data here.

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72% of Marketers Have No Plans to Optimize for Voice Search

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