7 Things You Can Do With Xenu Link Sleuth

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7 Things You Can Do With Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu is a highly valuable tool (that’s another great exception from the rule: it is both free and awesome). Let’s see how we can use it for SEO purposes:

1. Find broken links (to make your site easier to crawl and thus increase your crawl rate):

Xenu: find broken links

2. Identify your site internal duplicate content issues (duplicate titles):

Xenu: duplicate content issues

3. Find largest pages/images (to optimize your page load time):

Xenu: optimize your page load time

4. Find least linked-in pages (quick tip: to learn which exactly pages link to the current page, right-click / ALT+ENTER on the URL and choose “Properties”):

Xenu: Inlinks

5. Find pages with most outlinks (increase your site crawl rate by minimizing the number of each page outbound links):

Xenu: outlinks

6. Find your deepest-buried pages and learn how easily they can be found (by “status” and “level” properties):

Xenu: deep pages

7. Find images that lack alternative text:

Xenu: missing alt text

More tips:

  • Right-click on an URL to get instant access to Google Cache and Internet Archive;
  • CTRL+R will retry all failed URLs;
  • Set less parallel threads in “Options”=> “Properties” to have fewer failed connections.

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