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7 Things Yahoo Does Better than Google

7 Things Yahoo Does Better than Google

They’re an opinion piece from the Marc and Angel Blog which compares Yahoo & Google and appears to be making it to the Digg homepage quite shortly.

Google handles all of my daily web searching, email, chat, RSS feeds, blog monetization, etc. In my opinion, it blows Yahoo (and most other Internet companies) clear out of the water. However, there are a select few services that I regularly turn to Yahoo for. Why? Its either because Yahoo does it better, or because Google doesnt offer it.

I found the post interesting because it addresses the underlying split loyalty in the Internet industry to different companies due to their different features and niche dominance.

For example, most Internet users in the US prefer Google Search to Yahoo Search, but still may use Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports or Yahoo Finance on a loyal & daily basis.

I had posted a while back how Yahoo’s MyYahoo startpage now lets its users check their GMail accounts via Yahoo, which was a smartm ove on their parts because it helps curb user attrition to Google via GMail dependence.

Google uses similar aggregation tactics, with its video search for example; it’s more efficient to search for MySpace or iFilm videos on Google than on the sites themselves. And with the new Google SocialStream project, Google looks to be the centralized network for keeping track of various social network friends and interfaces, since many of us have multiple MyBlogLog, MySpace, Facebook and other social accounts.

So, what does Yahoo still do better than Google? Here’s a roundup (but for all of the info check out the original blog):

1. Yahoo Finance
2. Yahoo Answers : Q&A
3. Backlink Reporting via Yahoo Site Explorer
4. Flickr : Photo Uploading & Sharing
5. Local Search : Nuff Said
6. Entertainment
7. Privacy

Can you think of any others?

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7 Things Yahoo Does Better than Google

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