7 Signs that Prove You Have No Passion In Your Blogging Niche!

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I don’t know who spread the word, but for some reason, thousands of people entered the blogging niche thinking that it was a cheap and easy meal ticket. Of course, most of them quickly found out that this isn’t a place for slackers, but still – there is still a prevalent amount of passion-less bloggers that I’d like nothing more than to pull the plug on.

Is that you? Let’s find out!

Here are my top seven signs that prove your heart isn’t in the game.

1. You Only Post When You Realize it’s Been to Long

People like you are easy to spot, because every other post you write begins with “I know it’s been a long time since…”

Just do us a favor and quit already.

2. You Start Talking About Things that Don’t Fit

It’s OK to mix up the topic from time to time, but if I find that your message today is all over the place, then it means you’ve either run out of ideas, or you’re just too lazy.

3. Every Single Post is a Guest Post

One of the most popular bloggers in our niche has a blog like this, and in fact, many of the “gurus” have moved to this model.

Sorry, but if every single post is a guest post, then it’s time to start paying writers or sell your blog, since you have no passion to even write a post for your readers that once were your daily readers.

4. You’re Faking it

The people that live and love what they do speak differently; faking it doesn’t work!

5. You’re Talking About Moving On

It’s OK, a lot of bloggers get here: they realize they aren’t happy or aren’t making any money, so they talk about moving on but feel like they owe something to their audience.

I say give it up and go to doing what makes you happy.

6. You Stopped Replying to Comments

Look, if you’re no longer social with your audience, then in my opinion it is clear that you aren’t interested in connecting, and are only interested in the almighty dollar.

Blogging business is about people, and if you can’t make it work by being there for those who pay your bills, then you’re done!

7. Not Getting Anywhere

The secret to a passion-filled blog is evolution, but I find that many passion-less bloggers just continue to post the same thing day after day. If your blog posts today look like they did 3-5 years ago, then you’re sunk.

People say you should follow your passion, but what they don’t admit is how hard it actually is to find a passion and stick with it.

What do you think? Am I being too hard, or is this the brutal truth? Let’s discuss!

Wong Chendong

Wong Chendong

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  • the main reason for loosing interest is Not earning revenues from your blog . that will be first thing.,

    • Ya, it’s all about having the passion, but passion is always the think that most people are unable to hold long enough to the end goal…

  • I’d say you nailed it.

  • I am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

  • Right on.

  •  Thinking of a content which can attract people and losing passion to their writing can lead a deadly result.

    • Yes that is why we need to have a good content and passion with what we do best, be it writing and also marketing…

  • To be a good blogger your mind should act as idea generator for your Niche.
    Along with idea generator, the sincerity of wring regularly is a must.
    I write my ideas of blog aside in notepad and when I sit down to write the blog, i open that notes and pick the best idea for which i can write right-away. 

    • That’s a great way to get ideas and way to start writing, thanks for sharing this awesome tips of yours.

  • In My Opinion Niche plays Vital Role in terms of Blogging!! If You want to write qualitative articles you have to choose a Niche in which you are Interested!!

    • Ya, but sometime you have to also consider choosing a niche that you have passion with, just interest is not enough to last….

  • it is great! thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  • I think what happens is that some people start off strong and when they realize that it takes a great deal of work and patience they lose interest. 

    • Ya, I too experience that when I first started out and it took awhile to realize what I’m really passion about…

  • Thats very true my friend

  • Very nice article! Thanks a lot.

  • Writing a blog is kind of like love and marriage.  It starts out with passion, and then you have to put some work into keeping that feeling there.  No matter how interested you are in your topic, there are going to be weeks where doing the researching and writing posts becomes a chore.  This is where the real work comes in, and probably where a lot of people fall by the wayside.  I’ve found it’s rewarding to stick it out – the passion and inspiration will flare up again when you least expect it.

    • You are absolutely right, I do had to admit when I started out it seems exciting but when it comes to research and writing post, it become harder and harder to keep the excitement going, well at least I had pass that hard test and now write almost any content without problem, everything is almost automatic, it’s really fun for me right now.

  • If every post on your blog is guest post, it’s time to pull the plug. What value are you getting out of that blog? It’s become a better resource for links for your guest bloggers than anything else.

  • If every post on your blog is guest post, it’s time to pull the plug. What value are you getting out of that blog? It’s become a better resource for links for your guest bloggers than anything else.

    • Well, to me at least the author of the blog had to post a few content, I mean when I first came to a blog to read, I’m not reading guest post but the author’s post and when time passes, guest post started pumping in… believe me when this happen… and being an author of the blog you no more write for your audience, it means you are dropping back. That’s the time to pull the plug… which means you had to wake up and not sleeping, hope it explain your doubt.

  • “What do you think? Am I being too hard, or is this the brutal truth?”Somehow you are being too hard and also telling us that it is also the brutal truth. haha. Indeed, these are some signs to quit blogging and find some niche that will higher my interest and blast my passion. It’s not wrong to quit especially if you are not into it. 🙂

    • Well, you are right, it is not wrong to quit but the problem is most of the people started out with the wrong passion, and they always will say, “I thought that was what I like” and to be honest, I did said that to myself when I got bore writing stuff that I had lost interest…

      •  Yes, i agree with you Wong Chendong and i also believe that good readers would be good writers because they will not read or observe things around themselves how can they write naturally.

  • Harsha

    Yes you were brutal, but true enough. Glad you wrote this thing up, I have to admit I have few qualities among the listed one. I am trying my best to get rid of it. Previously, I just use to read the articles and never got involved in it and later I took a decision of reading a article only if I comment on it and later this din’t work well either as I was forced to write a comment. Now, I am reading only when I am full of enthusiasm which not only makes me to comment, but also makes me post sensible comments.

    • Well, you should reading something that you are interested to know, at least you won’t force to comment but excited to write a comment on your opinion about something you have read.