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Hello and welcome to another week in the world of goodiness from the trenches. My name is Dave, and I am a Seriously Obsessed Search Geek (or SOSG).

I shall be your guide in this is our second edition of weekly geek reading for those that can’t get enough. It was a fun week with asshats, crap hats and SEO sucks to boot! And oh yea, there was also a TON of other great reading too… (we do so love a drama don’t we?)

Anyway, on with the show shall we?

Lead Story

I suppose it’s a no brainer that the latest round of SEOs suck (or is useless, or whateva’) leads the way this week. It’s strange really as I tend not to get as worked up as others about these attacks; they’re nothing new. While I appreciate those in the industry that stand up for the profession, there’s just never a lack of people out there that don’t get it.

Either way, it was a bit much but some of the responses from around the blogo-sphere had some GREAT rebuttal’s. So settle in and enjoy the fireworks.

Some reactions from around the sphere;

Search Engine Watch

SEO Book

Search Engine Land and here too

SEO by the Sea

Sebastians Pamphlets

WOW… talk about a hornet’s nest. Kudos of course to Bill for making a search geek proud…

The Buzz Bin

The League of Awesome Optimizers – what if your favortite SEO peeps were comic book characters? Who would they be? Over on the Fire Horse Trail I decided to have some fun and create a bunch of peeps as superheroes… check it out!
7 Worst things that bad SEOs do – Speaking of things that give SEOs a bad name, Stoney had a good read of things crap-hats will do… Enjoyed this one.
Brand refinement; is Google using the second search?has some interesting stuff on the whole ‘brand bias’ issues and some interesting hypothesis to boot from Aaron. I’ve a few thoughts on that, but we’ll save it until later in the week.
Google Removes PageRank Data From Webmaster Tools – WOW…. Could this be part of something more on the horizon? We were talking about this at the SEO Dojo this week and one has to wonder if it’s the beginning of the end for the ToolBar PageRank data?
What is the perfect link? – is a good look at one of my favourite areas of SEO; link analysis. Michael Martinez does a great job as always.
Fetch as Googlebot and Malware Details in Webmaster Tools Labs – was a post on SEJ that covered some recent additions to Webmaster Tools. (there’s also some coverage on SEL here)
Learn SEO: Maximize Your Time with Google’s Spiders – Stephanie Woods dropped in to the SEO Scoop with a ‘Spider Friendly Check List’ which are some common sense tips for spider management.
Google’s “Show More Results” Plus Box – is just a quick news hit from Barry on some recent SERP additions to Google’s new, ‘More results’. Earth shattering? No. But it’s worth having on the radar.
Keyword Research For Beginners With Aaron Wall – was a great interview that Shaun Anderson did with SEO Superhero, Aaron Wall. While it covers the basics of KW research, Aaron always has some great insights. A worthy read!
Bounce rate analysis for SEO – what can I say, someone with a sensible use for the bounce rate. For once I didn’t have to lose my mind. This is a good concept to better understand which terms are performing and which aren’t.
Searcher Behaviour and Search Marketplace Mature – are some words for the wise from Bruce Clay’s Virginia Nussey. As long tail searches continue to rise, it is more important than ever to start getting a better handle on user behaviour.
Linkbait: Good Content Isn’t Good Enough – Wiep Knol had an interesting case study of a link bait campaign that could have been so much more. End lesson? If you’re going to create some buzz for links, don’t cheap out.
Link requests and the death of politeness – comes from uber groovy SEO Chick, Julie Joyce where she lashes out at all the meanies, the lame and the death of direct contact (she believes it’s still alive and well btw).
How Google uses toolbar data – looks at the data being sent back to the Google Borg from the ‘ol tool bar. Of note is that is seems to be looking at page load times… hmmmm…. Interesting.
101 Tactics for buying links – is a MASSIVE guide from Gab Goldenberg (via SEJ) that has just about every method known to man for walking the tightrope that is paid links
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Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Here is some of the search geekiness that caught our eye for this edition;

LexisNexis Integrates Semantic Search Technology into Patent Research – Search Engine Watch

Yahoo Web Page Segmentation: Distinguishing Noise from Information SEO by the Sea

Patent search for PDFs – Alt Search Engines

Rich Snippets, Semantic web, Linked Data and SEO –

An arms race in spamming social software – Geeking with Greg

Understanding and Supporting Social Link Sharing on the Web – Haystack Blog

Structured Search Is On The Table – the Noisy Channel

Social Search

These stories are mostly related to the emerging world of Social Searching;

Twitter search engine #87 – Alt Search Engines

5 Twitter search tools you should know – Search Engine Land

StumbleUpon Enhances Search in Latest Update – Search Engine Watch

Aarvark revamps site & becomes social search engine – Search Engine Land

8 tips for getting your FaceBook page found in FB search – SEL

Local SEO

The happenings from the world of local/geo search;

Insights for Local Business Owners – Google Barometer

When Google Maps Satellite & Map Detail Don’t Line Up – Search Engine Roundtable

Local Listing Ads Using Call Tracking with Google Voice – Mike Blumenthal

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All the latest videos for SEO peeps that we thought were interesting;

How to select an SEO Company – Jill Whalen (vie Web Pro)

Sexy Visualizations using Google Analytics, Protovis, SVG, and more – Google Developer

Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: October 16, 2009 – Search Engine Roundtable

Friday’s With Stefan Another Free T-Shirt Friday – Bings answer to Matt Cutts?

Web Analytics Q & A With Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski – Google Analytics



Cutts Corner – all the latest videos from ol Matt Cutts

Does Googlebot consider the URL of an Image?

More on Geotargeting

Hidden Gems of Google (Show Options)


If it’s tools you’re after, here’s what we found for you this week;

Check broken links WordPress plugin – Daily SEO Tip

SEO SpyGlass: an Advanced Backlink Research Tool – Search Engine Journal

Find out which SERP page you’re on – SEJ

Convert more new users using advanced segments – Search Engine Land

Using Google Analytics to Find Links to Your Non-WWW – LunaMetrics Blog


SOSG Alerts

Here we have all kinds of search for the seriously obsessed (outside of the Big 3);

Offeretti is a search engine for offers, coupons, promotions, special deals, discounts and bargains from local retail businesses.

GoGooligans rated one of the “Top 5 Search Engines for Kids” by

Zoombu is a door-to-door journey planner for Europe.

Search for sounds with these search engines – Alt Search Engines


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Search Patents

This week’s interesting awards from the world of search patents;

/end SOSG session

And there we have it for another week. I hope you found some good readin’ in there as it was a VERY busy week (sadly some stuff didn’t make it). If you have know of any good posts each week, feel free to contact me and I shall have a look.

Until next time… play safe!

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

‘7 Days of Search and Social’ is a joint effort from Search Engine Journal and the SEO Training Dojo to bring you the latest in SEO and Social Search news. Each week (on Tuesdays) we’ll be posting the highlights of the most recent (SEO Geeks) newsletter here on Search Engine Journal.

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