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6 Steps to Make Email Marketing Your Valentine This Year

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6 Steps to Make Email Marketing Your Valentine This Year

It seems like we were just planning our Thanksgiving and Christmas campaigns and – no time to catch your breath – here comes Valentine’s Day. It’s tough to be a marketer, isn’t it?

But as in most online marketing aspects, planning and consistency is the key!

What do Valentine’s Day and email marketing have in common? They both offer unique business opportunities to increase customer engagement and sales through creative marketing.

Here are the must-haves when it comes to your “pre-flight” checklist to ensure high open rates and lots of love from your customers.

1. Brand Consistency is the Key

Remember, your newsletters and all the other messages you send to your mailing list are more than just emails. If you brand your messages correctly and consistently, email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool.

That means you should be using your company’s colors, including an attractive heading, and linking to your website and social media profiles within the message. Also, make sure the list of items you incorporate into your email is the same across every template; this includes transactional messages, abandoned card emails, and of course holiday offers. Creating a consistently and attractively branded email marketing campaign is a little bit more involved than just pasting a header into your messages.

If you are not into newsletter design or table coding, PSD to HTML email providers will save you a lot of money, time, and effort. They will take your designs and concepts, and take care of the markup. There are also companies that can help you both with your designs and coding (e.g.

Your Valentine’s Email Marketing Checklist | newsletter screenshot taken in January 2015

2. Choose an Irresistible Subject Line

Your audience members have subscribed to your mailing list, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll open and read your messages. If your subscribers see your company’s name paired with a boring or lackluster subject line, they’re going to trash the message without reading it. If they see enough of these dull-looking messages hit their inboxes, they’re going to un-subscribe. You can grab some helpful copywriting tips to avoid that scenario from CopyBlogger here.

3. Make It for the One and Only

Personalized messages have much higher open rates than messages without personalization. Including a short greeting that specifically names the recipient at the beginning of your message engages your readers.

If you’re going to do this, though, make sure that you have first name values for all of your subscribers so the emails will begin with something like, “Hi, Angela!” instead of something more awkward, like, “Hi, Angela M. McCormack!”

The former is fun, relaxed, and engaging. The latter seems forced and mechanical. Check out this CrazyEgg study for more details.

Your Valentine’s Email Marketing Checklist | SEJImage created with

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Target

This should be easy for Valentine’s Day, but keep it in mind for all of your email campaigns. Choose a topic and stay focused on it. Instead of filling an email with product after product, showcase the season’s “must-have” gift right up front. If you’re letting your customers know about your 50% Off for Lovers sale, don’t wander off into other topics or news. Keep it short, sweet, and on point for better engagement.

5. For Cupid’s Sake, Make It Responsive

Your email may look amazing on your own computer or in Outlook or Chrome, but have you checked it out on other browsers and email clients? What about mobile?

With more and more people using their phones and tablets to do almost all of their online work and play, you need your messages to show up nicely on mobile platforms. You don’t want to make your readers wait until they get back to a laptop or desktop to read your emails.

This is another case in which you might want to go for a PSD to HTML email company, as they have all the necessary expertise and tools to develop fully responsive templates.

6. Keep Calm and Proofread

Finally, before you send out your message, be sure to proofread everything. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar make you look unprofessional, and your audience won’t put up with them. Triple-check every sentence of your message before you send it.

Then, check every link you included. A broken link or one that sends readers to the wrong page will make your readers lose patience with you, and it won’t be long before they lose interest in your messages altogether.


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