5 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

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Kristel Cuenta
Kristel Cuenta
5 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

This article was updated in 11/2016 to reflect changes on Facebook. 

At this point, you are all probably pretty familiar with Facebook and how to use it for business and personal accounts including the more common features like updating statuses, checking-in, browsing profiles, pages, and apps.

However, most people are not aware of a number of interesting, but mostly useless, tricks and hacks, which you can perform on Facebook today.

Here are five of our favorite (somewhat) useless, but interesting, Facebook tricks and hacks for you try.

Removing Your Last Name in Your Facebook Profile


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The Trick:

As part of Facebook’s security checks, you are required to completely fill out your account details to successfully create an account. By default, Facebook requires every user to enter their full name prior to saving their profile settings.

With this trick, you will be able to bypass Facebook’s restrictions and drop your last name.

How to Do it:

1) Open Mozilla Firefox (Firefox is required for this hack to work)

2) Go to Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Connection Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration

3) In the HTTP Proxy Field, enter, port 8080, or use any Indonesian Proxy.



4) On your facebook profile, go to Account settings — > Change Language to BAHASA INDONESIA

5) Remove your middle name & last name.




Making Your Profile Photo Un-clickable




The Trick:

Not everyone really wants to have their header image clickable, but yet that’s the way Facebook header images work, or do they? Well, if you’re curious, you should give this one a try:

How to Do it:

1)       Go to your Albums – > Profile Pictures

2)       Select your current profile picture.

3)       Adjust privacy setting to “Only Me”

Stop/Block Facebook Game Requests

It is all fun and games until someone won’t stop inviting you to play Candy Crush. Luckily, it is super easy to silence those requests!

There are two ways to do it – you can silence just a specific game or a specific person.

Go to Settings>Blocking

You will see these options:




Either type in the person you want to block from sending you app invites, or the game you don’t want to play. Simple!

Disable “Seen” Feature In Facebook Messages

Someone sends you a message in Facebook, and you aren’t quite ready to respond. But, drat, the messenger app tells them you saw the message! Luckily, there is a simple way to turn this feature off. You do have to be on the web version, not the app.

Simply go to your Facebook Messages and click on the round icon next to the message you want to mark as unread.


Clicking on that icon will bring up box that says “Mark as unread”. Bam. Plausible deniability has never been so easy.

Block All Political Posts on Facebook

Tired of listening to the political rants? If you would prefer your timeline to be filled with cute cat videos and photos of your friend’s lunches, you are in luck.

Politics Blocker for Facebook turns your feed into a kitty video paradise by blocking all the obnoxious political posts. Simply install the plug in and enjoy the peace and quiet.


The hacks and trick above should always be attempted with caution. We are not aware of anyone ever getting in trouble but in some cases they do bypass the intended functionality of Facebook, so be careful.

Which of these tricks is your favorite? If you have any new Facebook tricks you would like to share, please let us know in the comments!


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