5 SEO Agencies With The Most Engaged Facebook Audiences

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5 SEO Agencies With The Most Engaged Facebook Audiences

By now, most (but not all) SEO agencies have evolved from just link-building shops to adding other digital marketing services, such as social media. I’d like to take the microscope and see how these agencies are ‘walking the talk’ and engaging with their own audiences with social media, specifically Facebook.

First of all, I will state right away that I have no affiliation with any of these companies and I won’t be linking to their websites, only their Facebook pages so you can see for yourself. I’ve used the following requirements and criteria:


  • Have at least 1000 Likes
  • Have visibility/credibility within the industry

Ranking Criteria

  • Engagement %
  • Consistent Engagement in the last 30-60 days (my personal observation)
  • Other factors that show an engaged audience (my personal observation)

Because the engagement % is calculated from the ‘talking about this metric’, let’s make sure we’re clear on the criteria. A Facebook spokesperson has described the metric’s freshness as the following:

This metric refreshes daily but goes back a week. So it’s the current barometer of how much conversation is being generated by someone’s Page on Facebook.

‘Conversation’ can be defined as comments, likes, shared, and various other actions on Facebook.

Now that we have laid the groundwork, let the games begin:

#1 – 1SEO.com

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/1seocompany

Like Count: 3994

Engagement %: 6.26% (250 talking about this · 487 were here)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):


Additional Comments: If you were to take a look at their Facebook page, it doesn’t look like a ‘business page’. You’ll see a grandma meme, a picture of a birthday cake, Chuck Norris, and Peanut Butter and Jelly – stuff one of your friends might post. They keep it personal, which obviously, does great for engagement. 6.26% engagement is top tier for the industry.

Takeaway: There’s no need to keep things so formal. Be personable and talk to your fans like you would talk to your mom (if you like your mom).

#2 – Bruce Clay, Inc.

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/BruceClayInc

Like Count: 3639

Engagement %: 5.28% (192 talking about this)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):

Bruce Clay

Additional Observations: Some may argue that it’s easier to connect with a person than a ‘brand’, which I tend to agree with. But content is still king. Bruce does well on both accounts. Whether they meant to give a shout-out to Ron Burgundy with the pic above or not, everybody respects a man with a ‘stash.

Takeaway: If you’re an agency/brand then you may not be able to connect with your audience the same way that Bruce Clay or individuals can. But you CAN have thought-leaders within your organization. Think Rand Fishkin with Moz, Neil Patel with KissMetrics, and Larry Kim with WordStream.

#3 – SEER Interactive

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/SEERInteractive

Like Count: 2117

Engagement %: 2.93% (62 talking about this · 200 were here)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):


Additional Comments: I was honestly hoping for a bit more from Wil’s crew, but despite the last week showing a lower engagement percentage, they’re committed to creating quality content. The post I highlighted above gets plenty of engagement despite being self-promotional, but SEER Interactive can pull it off.

Takeaway: Commit to creating useful content. Just check out their How Do They Make Money page: it has likely garnered a lot social engagement.

#4 – Vertical Measures

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/verticalmeasures

Like Count: 2268

Engagement %: 1.59% (36 talking about this · 137 were here)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):

Vertical Measures

Additional Comments: I think a fair question would be “how did these guys make it at 1.59% engagement?” Well at the time of initial research they were at 3.98 %  (90 ‘talking about this’), so despite their engagement sliding, they still keep some consistency. They have more of a ‘B2B’ feel with their posting and may be less personable than 1SEO.com, but they do a great job with showing company activities and company ‘selfies’ (with employees tagged of course).

Take-away: Leverage the networks of your employees (tagging). ‘Selfies’ still work– we’re all so vain!

#5 – SEO Inc.

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/search.engine.optimization.inc

Like Count: 3152

Engagement %: 1.43% (45 talking about this)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):


Additional Comments: SEO Inc. has a slightly above average engagement % for an SEO agency. Despite seeming minimal, they do keep consistent engagement. They post the type of content you’d think an agency would and it works well enough. If it feels an engagement percent of 1.43% is too small to be considered for this list, then you have a taste for how the industry is doing.

Take-away: You don’t always need to ‘swing for the fences’, consistent and useful content can keep an audience engaged.

How Engaged Is Your Audience?

There you have it. I’m sure this post will receive a smattering of people that agree and don’t disagree. If you disagree – plead your case. Ultimately, if your audience is engaged at the 3-5% range, then you’re doing great, especially in the B2B space. As you can see, getting and maintaining engagement is a hard job, especially with Facebook slashing the organic reach of pages.

What are you and your agency doing to increase engagement?


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George Nielsen
George Nielsen has been in the digital marketing game since 2008 and is passionate about helping businesses use SEO and inbound marketing to generate leads... Read Full Bio
George Nielsen
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  • Bruce Clay, Inc. (@BruceClayInc)

    Thanks for the shout-out, George. As a company since 1996, part of our mission has always been to help educate people on SEO/SEM best practices; we have a dedicated content team that pulls expertise from within the company and the industry on current topics. In addition to Facebook, we’re finding that our Google+ community is a great place to learn and connect with us: https://plus.google.com/+Bruceclayinc/

    • George Nielsen

      Your content team is doing a great job, keep it up!

  • Grace Stasky

    This was a well written article with valid examples. SEJ truly produces the best work in the industry. Keep up the great work! Also thank you for recognizing are hard work at 1SEO.com. “Work hard, play hard!”

    • George Nielsen

      Social media managers have a tough job and being consistently creative would cause most individuals to get burned out. Great job keeping 1SEO.com at 5-6% engagement for the past few months – impressive!

      • Grace Stasky

        Thank you, George! Keep up the great work.

  • micheal

    First time on SEJ i have seen this kind of professional post. I think SEJ should provide more articles like this, in which they should introduce companies, SEO consultants and also interviews of famous bloggers. This section will rock..

    • George Nielsen

      Thanks Michael. Yes I think these kind of lists are a lot of fun, since they mention peers and even competitors. I plan to come out with a few here and there, with various data points of interest.

      • Angie

        Hi George – good article. Are there plans to do similar posts for Canadian/international agencies? Also looking at data from LinkedIn or Twitter where there might be more ‘industry related’ recognition would be a great indicator as to whether these companies have high engagement with their target audience.

  • Scot

    This post reeks of being a paid endorsement. Your “Requirements” are both meaningless starting with limiting the the pool to agencies to ones listed on “pay for play” agency ranking sites. Everyone who has been in the industry for more than a few months knows that these 2 sites are totally bogus. Sure there are some good agencies listed but it is a not so hidden secret that all of those companies are paying to be on those lists.Sure they disguise it as a review fee but they never actually do a review. Many of the agencies on that list are total garbage including a couple listed in your post.

    Your engagement metrics are also highly questionable. So SEO Inc. had a high engagement percentage based on the “people talking about’ divided by total likes? Did you actually look at their engagement? Its mostly shares and likes from the same few people including a few employees and then some other sharing from people in the far east. This is NOT quality engagement. Bruce Clay on the other hand looks like its at least mostly true engagement and sharing. Either way, the metric is meaningless.

    I looked at several other agency’s FB pages that are not listed on Top SEO’s or any of the bogus agency ranking websites. They all had better metrics based on your criteria. they also had true engagement.

    The idea for your post is good and I’m sure SEJ readers would appreciate seeing a list based on a better methodology.

    • Kelsey Jones

      Hi Scot, we have edited the post since it has been published after further consideration. While we stand by our choice to publish this post (which SEJ has not been paid/perked for), we would love more lists like this. If you’d like to write one, feel free to email me at kelsey (at) searchenginejournal.com and let’s get ‘er done! 🙂

    • George Nielsen

      Hey Scot,

      Can’t blame you for the constructive comment and research. As stated in my post, there’s no affiliation with the 2 review sites or the agencies I included in the list. BestSeoCompanies.com and Topseos.com actually have quite thorough evaluation criteria, you can see it below:


      I do know that companies often need to pay an application fee to be included in lists like these, but I can’t say I know 100% for either of these. But with both sites including agencies such as Distilled, SEER Interactive, iAcquire, HigherVisibility, Vertical Measures, etc. (all credible agencies) – I stand by there being legitimacy to the lists. I do feel they have an accurate representation of the top agencies, but I do acknowledge the degree of bias and dilution that exists in lists like these. It looks like the SEJ team decided to remove the 2 review sites, which is understandable.

      Of course there are smaller shops and others agencies that stay below the industry buzz, so I appreciate you shedding light on these. As I mentioned in my post, there are 1000s of agencies and I chose from a pool of the ‘big boys’. Another take on this, perhaps more comprehensive, would be good stuff.

      For the past 3 weeks or so, I’d agree with your assessment of SEO Inc. not being deserving of the #5 spot, but if you look back to mid-March and mid-February – they do have solid ‘organic’ engagement and consistency. If you wouldn’t mind mentioning the pages with better engagement I’d love to see them. Perhaps spot #5 might still be up for grabs, but spots #1-#4 are quite solid on any criteria.


      • Scot

        George & Kelsey. Its good to have thought provoking engagement so mission accomplished. As I mentioned previously. there are some descent companies on those lists but to say they have a thorough evaluation criteria is laughable. My agency was on those lists and they did nothing to evaluate us but we moved higher up the lists they more we paid. When we didn’t want to increase our monthly payments we moved down the lists. Read up on this because there is plenty of info out there and I know because I lived it.

        the bigger question is probably not which agencies deserve mention. Its more important to look at the methodology for determining this list and I think the simple formula used does not suffice with regards to determining quality of engagement. Clearly Seer and Distilled deserve mention and SEO inc. doesn’t based on quality of engagement. Just as important is the fact that is is also clear that Facebook is not a strong channel for agencies to acquire clients. Something else I have also lived. Now there’s a blog post for ya.

      • Prefer to Remain Anonymous

        So, I work for an agency that advertises through TopSEOs (which own 6 domains that advertisers can be listed on:

        Top SEO’s charges a percentage of total sales, monthly, based on the position you “purchase” on their list.

        They are working on revamping their image because they lost a lot of visibility (maybe a Google penalty) and credibility due to poor experiences on the side of clients who picked companies off of their list, and have moved to a more legit evaluation of each company ranked. They list “evaluation criteria” now AND have an “EthicsViolations” database. I don’t know the ins and outs of this, but my guess is they are giving each spammy company still listed a grace period to turn their business around, or they will be moved from the rankings lists to the “EthicsViolations” database. That’s just a hypothesis though. I would say they are doing a lot to visible clean up their reputation and improve their credibility.

        But you still have to pay for the spot you are “offered” and it is going to take a long time to clean these lists up because Top SEO’s makes a LOT of money off of seo companies that use SPAM link building tactics on their clients (I won’t name drop, but some of the top ones on these lists are NOT high quality agencies, and everyone in the agency world knows it). And while you do point out that Bruce Clay and Distilled are on the list, even you must know they are NOT ranked according to their quality. Bruce Clay, Distilled, iProspect and others that are not in the top 10 are heads above the agencies in the top 10 – both in size, years of experience, quality and innovation in the industry. I think that alone makes it obvious that this is a paid listing and not a legitimate ranking.

        But, Top SEO’s DOES have search visibility, and they are at all of the conferences promoting the companies on their lists, so it does bring in business – for both the reputable agencies and the non-reputable ones – which is why legit agencies are using them. It’s a great advertising resource! And it’s becoming a better indicator of quality, albeit slowly.

        Keep in mind, those at the top are paying for it, so they certainly handle the VOLUME to pay for the spot, which some might feel indicates a certain level of success or quality. This does not take into account client turn over rates.

        Also, notice that clients of these listed agencies can leave reviews – the listed agencies can opt to NOT show negative reviews, so you won’t see a real review or evaluation of these listed companies on any Top SEO’s site.
        You CAN look up reviews on these companies elsewhere though, and I would advise it. Two of the companies in the top 10 lost clients to our agency, and those clients were hit with manual actions from Google right before the switch – in a post-penguin world where these agencies absolutely knew better than to do the types of link building they were doing.

        All in all, I think your list seems fairly legit – it’s not as though you simply pulled the top 10 off this list and used them. It’s tough to engage an audience about internet marketing, so agencies that are doing this are really doing a good job.

        I think you may have been better off pulling the unordered list of SEO Agencies off of MOZ and evaluating them and telling us who was doing the best work out of the pack.

        I would trust MOZ’s credibility, and the objective (mostly) observations of the group of evaluators they use to assemble their list before I would do the same with Top SEO’s. If for no other reason than because MOZ’s list is not paid.

      • Kelsey Jones

        Hi Anon, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I won’t speak for George, but I believe that the agencies chosen in the article were done so from a mixture of lists and actual activity. The focus of the main takeaway from each example should hopefully serve as inspiration for others’ Facebook pages, which was the main reason why I (on behalf of SEJ) chose to publish this post.

    • Bill

      Hey Scot – Speaking as an outsider here, I get what you’re going for. But your comment below regarding FB not being a viable way to acquire clients is way off. While there isn’t much actual SALES that are done through the behemoth of the Face, the reputation garnered and presence established is vital this day and age for any company that deals with nearly any facet of the Internet. Just a thought.

  • Neil Pursey

    Surely promoted FB ads will skew this data???

    • George Nielsen

      Hi Neil,

      Yes, acquiring new ‘Likes’ via FB ads does increase your engagement %, but I did also look at the engagement with posts on the various pages and they all have consistent engagement. Thanks for the comment!

  • Arun Kallarackal

    That was a good list. Some biggies, whom I thought will make it to the list have not been featured. But then, you have compiled this list based on your own observations. And after going through the names that made it to this list, I must say that you managed to do a good job!

    I’ve been following them all for quite some time now. On facebook and on other platforms as well. And I hope to get more from them in the coming days also! 🙂

    I found the link to this article on Kingged.


    • George Nielsen

      Thanks for the comment Arun. Yes I feel these pages would hold their own against other industry pages, but I’m sure there are others out there I may have missed. I hope was hoping to add Distilled to this list, but their FB engagement was surprisingly minimal.

  • Lance Bachmann

    Thank you for noticing our efforts, the article was well written and I would like to congratulate all the company’s that made your list…

  • SEO Inc.

    George and SEJ – Thank you so much for the inclusion on this Top 5. We work hard to make sure our audiences are engaged across the board. When we began in 1997, our goal was to keep up with changing online trends to always provide our clients with best practices for their SEO & SEM campaigns. It’s an honor to be mentioned and have our content team and company as a whole recognized. Thanks again, and we look forward to keep pushing out content that helps not just our clients but the online community as a whole.

  • David Adamson

    Pretty good list with some strong metrics, but I feel there are a lot of true SEO companies out there who prioritize their customer engagement through their Facebook page much more than the above companies.

    I hope to one day feature on one of your SEO lists 😉 … so maybe I’m just a tad biased 😉

    Good read though!


  • Rob

    Great article – no doubt those well deserving agencies will now link to this page 🙂

    Talk about good SEO in action!