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5 SEO Agencies With The Most Engaged Facebook Audiences

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5 SEO Agencies With The Most Engaged Facebook Audiences

By now, most (but not all) SEO agencies have evolved from just link-building shops to adding other digital marketing services, such as social media. I’d like to take the microscope and see how these agencies are ‘walking the talk’ and engaging with their own audiences with social media, specifically Facebook.

First of all, I will state right away that I have no affiliation with any of these companies and I won’t be linking to their websites, only their Facebook pages so you can see for yourself. I’ve used the following requirements and criteria:


  • Have at least 1000 Likes
  • Have visibility/credibility within the industry

Ranking Criteria

  • Engagement %
  • Consistent Engagement in the last 30-60 days (my personal observation)
  • Other factors that show an engaged audience (my personal observation)

Because the engagement % is calculated from the ‘talking about this metric’, let’s make sure we’re clear on the criteria. A Facebook spokesperson has described the metric’s freshness as the following:

This metric refreshes daily but goes back a week. So it’s the current barometer of how much conversation is being generated by someone’s Page on Facebook.

‘Conversation’ can be defined as comments, likes, shared, and various other actions on Facebook.

Now that we have laid the groundwork, let the games begin:

#1 –

Facebook URL:

Like Count: 3994

Engagement %: 6.26% (250 talking about this · 487 were here)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):


Additional Comments: If you were to take a look at their Facebook page, it doesn’t look like a ‘business page’. You’ll see a grandma meme, a picture of a birthday cake, Chuck Norris, and Peanut Butter and Jelly – stuff one of your friends might post. They keep it personal, which obviously, does great for engagement. 6.26% engagement is top tier for the industry.

Takeaway: There’s no need to keep things so formal. Be personable and talk to your fans like you would talk to your mom (if you like your mom).

#2 – Bruce Clay, Inc.

Facebook URL:

Like Count: 3639

Engagement %: 5.28% (192 talking about this)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):

Bruce Clay

Additional Observations: Some may argue that it’s easier to connect with a person than a ‘brand’, which I tend to agree with. But content is still king. Bruce does well on both accounts. Whether they meant to give a shout-out to Ron Burgundy with the pic above or not, everybody respects a man with a ‘stash.

Takeaway: If you’re an agency/brand then you may not be able to connect with your audience the same way that Bruce Clay or individuals can. But you CAN have thought-leaders within your organization. Think Rand Fishkin with Moz, Neil Patel with KissMetrics, and Larry Kim with WordStream.

#3 – SEER Interactive

Facebook URL:

Like Count: 2117

Engagement %: 2.93% (62 talking about this · 200 were here)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):


Additional Comments: I was honestly hoping for a bit more from Wil’s crew, but despite the last week showing a lower engagement percentage, they’re committed to creating quality content. The post I highlighted above gets plenty of engagement despite being self-promotional, but SEER Interactive can pull it off.

Takeaway: Commit to creating useful content. Just check out their How Do They Make Money page: it has likely garnered a lot social engagement.

#4 – Vertical Measures

Facebook URL:

Like Count: 2268

Engagement %: 1.59% (36 talking about this · 137 were here)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):

Vertical Measures

Additional Comments: I think a fair question would be “how did these guys make it at 1.59% engagement?” Well at the time of initial research they were at 3.98 %  (90 ‘talking about this’), so despite their engagement sliding, they still keep some consistency. They have more of a ‘B2B’ feel with their posting and may be less personable than, but they do a great job with showing company activities and company ‘selfies’ (with employees tagged of course).

Take-away: Leverage the networks of your employees (tagging). ‘Selfies’ still work– we’re all so vain!

#5 – SEO Inc.

Facebook URL:

Like Count: 3152

Engagement %: 1.43% (45 talking about this)

Engagement in the last 30-60 days (screenshot taken 4/8/2014):


Additional Comments: SEO Inc. has a slightly above average engagement % for an SEO agency. Despite seeming minimal, they do keep consistent engagement. They post the type of content you’d think an agency would and it works well enough. If it feels an engagement percent of 1.43% is too small to be considered for this list, then you have a taste for how the industry is doing.

Take-away: You don’t always need to ‘swing for the fences’, consistent and useful content can keep an audience engaged.

How Engaged Is Your Audience?

There you have it. I’m sure this post will receive a smattering of people that agree and don’t disagree. If you disagree – plead your case. Ultimately, if your audience is engaged at the 3-5% range, then you’re doing great, especially in the B2B space. As you can see, getting and maintaining engagement is a hard job, especially with Facebook slashing the organic reach of pages.

What are you and your agency doing to increase engagement?


Image credit: created by author


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