5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages

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5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages

To act or not to act; that is what every visitor to a landing page ultimately decides.

Creating an effective landing page can be very challenging due to several different elements such as copy, imagery, and calls to action that must be carefully crafted and combined in order to produce desired results. It’s no secret that every marketing team wants to be able to create effective landing pages that generate leads and drive conversions, but how do you pull it off?

Thankfully for us, we have examples of those that do it well which we can mimic in order to see similar success.

Before I get into the examples of some amazing landing pages, let’s first briefly go over the essential building blocks that make up a stellar landing page.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

There is no disputing that layout and design plays a huge part in landing page conversion, but it’s the words on the page that matter most.

Landing pages that successfully drive action all contain these response-oriented copy fundamentals:

  • Catchy headline
  • Great call to action
  • Specific language
  • Listing benefits before features
  • Convincing examples
  • Guarantees

While these sound simple, many marketers fail to include many of these fundamental copy elements when crafting their landing pages, thus increasing the page’s chances of inaction.

To better see this put into practice, here are 5 examples of landing pages that use these copy fundamentals and simplistic design elements to drive success:

1. Bank of America

5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages | SEJ

Why it’s great: While the headline isn’t the catchiest and the design is a bit cluttered, the call to action is clear and easy to understand. This page also does a great job listing a key benefit before listing its features via an accordion widget. The guarantee of getting $500 dollars if they can’t beat your current card fees is also the icing on the cake to encourage filling out the form.

2. Square

5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages | SEJ

Why it’s great: This page does a great job taking the user from point A to point B in a convincing matter. The page uses specific language to share how their product/service provided benefits to the user combined with examples.

This flow, while a little long top to bottom, ultimately helps the user to think a certain way in order to convince themselves that this product/service would be beneficial to them once they get to the bottom of the page, thus prompting action.

3. Hootsuite

5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages | SEJ

Why it’s great: A catchy headline, benefits, and a clear call to action all exist above the fold, making this a laser-focused landing page. The action language on the button of a guaranteed, free 30-day trial also helps to quickly convince a potential user to click.

As if this wasn’t enough, additional benefits and features are listed below the fold along with a client list to help build credibility.

4. Outbrain

5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages | SEJ

Why it’s great: That headline is hard to beat. It is clear, concise, and uses action language. Instant credibility is gained due to the prompt to watch an instructional video, as well as listing a few large clients who use the service.

Benefits are also showcased in simple, yet specific, language to help further convince the reader.

5. Kabbage

5 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages | SEJ

Why it’s great: Simplicity goes a long way here. The form has minimal fields to fill out, the colors are bright, and the message is simple. Showing potential customers how the process works is always a plus, and listing reviews from real customers displays confidence in the offer.


I could go on and on with more examples, but hopefully you are starting to see a consistent pattern here.

Using the previously mentioned core fundamentals, each of these examples carefully crafts them to clearly convey a simple message and prompt action.

Landing pages can be made to accomplish many different goals, but this pattern can be used universally to increase the chances of success. If you aren’t sure what to create a landing page for, check out these great ideas from Brad Tiller here on SEJ. Put these fundamentals into practice and start seeing better results with your landing pages. Let me know about it in the comments below!


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Featured Image: Image by Greg Secrist
All screenshots by Greg Secrist. Taken January 2016.

Greg Secrist
Greg Secrist has worked in the SEO and content creation industry since 2009. He is the CEO and co-founder of BKA Content, an industry leading... Read Full Bio
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  • kenny marks

    These are all amazing landing pages. They make all the difference.

  • Salvatore

    Hi, excellente explained.

    I have read a lot about landing pages and most of the people mentioned that we should avoid putting menus on top or any other actionable item, why? we only want people to be able to click on our CTA buttons.

    What are you thoughts on this?

    • Greg Secrist

      I think the only hard fast rule with CTA’s is that it should be easy to see and easy to access. Position is really up to the design and overall “flow” of the page. However, in these examples, the CTA’s are simple, easy to find, and are not cluttered by other page elements.

  • Claire Greenhow

    There’s a few landing pages I really like the look of here, which makes we want to go back and revise some of my own.

  • Felix

    It would be nice to have URL’s to these landing pages. I cant seem to find them, or they are outdated landing pages.

    • Greg Secrist

      I actually purposefully didn’t include URL’s because landing pages change very frequently and the URL’s I would have listed most likely would break over time. However, I picked large brands for my examples so that you could easily type in some Google Searches for their services/offerings to see how their pages change over time. The websites listed in my examples here were current through January of 2016.

      • Felix

        The hootsuite landing page has already updated.

  • edie lowther

    Remarkable! Its genuinely awful piece of writing, I even have got a lot of clear plan regarding from this piece of writing.

  • Guaranteed PPC

    What you are missing from your list is “eye flow” people don’t realize how important this is…. your call to action has to be the eventual exit of common eye flow path sequence on your landing page to get a good conversion rate.

  • Subbareddy

    1) Wistia

    First up is Wistia’s landing page for their Free Plan. Right off the bat, you notice the one-field form to create your account — the blue, minimally patterned section contrasts nicely with the bright white form field.

    The length of the form field combined with the prominent placement eliminates nearly all friction to create an account … but if you’re having doubts, you can always scroll below to read answers to top FAQs. By separating these two sections with stark color contrast, Wistia makes it much easier for you focus on converting.

    2) Unbounce

    It’s no surprise Unbounce is near the top of this list — they’ve actually written the book on creating high-converting landing pages. Although there are lots of amazing things about this landing page, the two that I absolutely love are: 1) The directional cues from the headline and browser’s fold, and 2) the really detailed information below the form.

    The first helps direct attention to the goal of the page — for you to fill out the form — in a really obvious, yet fluid design. The second gives this page an SEO boost (search engines will have more content to crawl) and assuages any worry from folks who need to know more about a piece of content before handing over their information, all while not distracting people from the form.

    3) IMPACT

    Full disclosure: IMPACT is a HubSpot partner — but that’s not why they’re included here. This landing page was what sparked the initial idea for this post. I love the whole layout of the page, from the banner in the top left that tells you this ebook was updated recently, to the rotating testimonials, to the outline that surrounds the form. This landing page has both beautiful and functional design — what we all should strive to have on our landing pages.

    4) WebDAM

    While WebDAM’s landing page has many neat features, my favorite (by far) is the form. The icons are all indicative of the information you need to put in — just look at the ones next to “First Name” and “Last Name.” The form has a blue background that stands out from the hero image behind it. And the “Submit” button? It features an orange background (a complementary color to blue), customized and compelling copy, and an arrow to signify that you’ll progress to the downloadable guide. Top-notch work, WebDAM

    5) Basecamp

    Like Unbounce, Basecamp has a really long, in-depth landing page with lots of information below the fold, but what won me over was that cartoon man pointing his finger to the form. Not only does it spruce up a somewhat minimal page, but it actually directs your attention to the form. Like IMPACT’s design, this little picture is pleasing to the eye and helps landing page visitors convert on the form to the right. Can’t get much better than that