5 Facebook Applications to Add Useful Tabs to Your Facebook Fan Page

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Your Facebook Fan page is more than your business brochure. It is even more than the tool to build the community around your business. Actually it can both and even more.

With the variety of free applications you can turn it into the huge source of information around your brand: it can be as comprehensive as your own website giving your “fans” plenty of options to meet, get in touch with you and each other and find more information about your business.

1. Static FBML

Static FBML is a genius Facebook application that allows for plenty of flexibility. Basically, it adds a box to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization.

What can you do with it? Here are 8 great tutorials for your inspiration:

  1. How to Create Rich HTML Tabs on Your Facebook Page
  2. How To Add Multimedia Content To Facebook Fan Page Using Static FBML
  3. How to create an image map for a static FBML tab on a facebook page
  4. How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page
  5. Using the fb:share-button with Static FBML; Custom Image or Default
  6. How to Customize Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Using Static FBML
  7. Embedding a Flickr Gallery in Static FBML Tab
  8. Embedding a Photobucket Slideshow Gallery in Static FBML Tab;

Also be sure to read this post on the future of the application The Future of Static FBML Custom Tabs, Now that Facebook is Moving from FBML to iFrames.

Static FBML

2. FAQ tab

With this app you can add a pretty FAQ tab to your Facebook page to explain the concept more efficiently. The best thing about the application is that it allows to create Q&A page with answers revealed after the click (something you would normally see on huge FAQ pages with multiple questions):

FAQ tab

3. Youtube Video (Channel)

This application (which will ask you to provide your name, email and phone number) has somewhat enhanced Youtube integration (compared to the more popular one).

It allows you to:

  • Import your uploads and/or favorites;
  • Enable comment support;
  • Import play list;
  • Hide related videos;
  • Enable TubeMogul tracking:

Youtube integration

4. Reviews

Reviews app adds user-generated content and testimonials to your fan page. Each review is shared on the author’s Facebook stream – the only thing you should be aware of before adding this app is that it might result in spam boost:

Reviews application

5. Contact form

Contact me is a great Facebook application that lets you add a pretty contact form as a separate tab to your Facebook fan page.

It is very easy to install – just allow the application to enter your fan page information and provide your email address to send emails to:

Contact me

You can even customize the form to:

  • Add a heading;
  • Upload your logo
  • Add your phone number and mailing address;
  • Add your social media profiles

Customize form

After that, your page fans will be able to see the following form:

Contact me facebook application

Any other cool facebook applications you could recommend? Please share them here!

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Ann Smarty

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  • Miriam Schwab

    Great post! And thanks for including my post on creating image maps in facebook.

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    coooooooooool – harish mehta

  • Mr Harish Mehta {BOB}

    you are right Anny….i agree!!!!

  • Pippa

    I’ve been using static fbml but will be trying out some of the others too. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bruce Michael

    Thanks for such great information but if you can teach us in some advance level then it will be appreciable if you can then i will definitely waiting for your next post regarding facebook FBML.

  • swaggersya

    nice apps

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    Wow, being able to place Google Analytics on a FB fan or business pages is incredible. I had no idea this could be done. The FAQ tab is great too. Thanks so much for posting.

  • Moosa Hemani

    Awesome but is it free or paid?

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    good post….

  • Resell Rights Biz

    The Static FBML is by far the most useful app of all, especially for businesses and additional marketing avenues!

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    Thanks For sharing this Ann

  • Anonymous

    Networked Blogs is another good resource we found that helps link our Dydacomp Blog to our new Facebook page! Static FBML was a great way for us to add personal touches and further information to our site too!

  • Anonymous

    Networked Blogs is another good resource we found that helps link our Dydacomp Blog to our new Facebook page! Static FBML was a great way for us to add personal touches and further information to our site too!

  • iPhone Application Development

    Good and useful tabs for facebook pages.

  • Mary

    Thank you for the great information you included here. I created a Fan Page, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to include in it. Some of the things you listed would help with my facebook page. Thanks.

  • facebook pirater

    A ‘Find us on Facebook’ icon would be ideal to let your visitors know where to contact you on Facebook, and by extension, any interactions they make with your page will be communicated to their friends, giving you some useful publicity.
    That’s all very poetic, but unfortunately can’t be proven.

    And even among the people who have a page, not many
    know how to use it well.