4 FireFox Addons to Give You Website Statistics at a Glance

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Sometimes we just don’t need anything fancy: we only want to be able to evaluate the web site power quickly, as we browse.

Here are 3 FireFox addons that will help you to: just have them installed and active and see each page / domain SEO stats while you open the pages:

1. WebRank Info

WebRank Info works as a toolbar and currently includes:

  1. Google Pagerank
  2. Alexa Rank
  3. Compete Rank
  4. Quantcast Rank
  5. Pages indexed in Google
  6. Pages indexed in Bing
  7. Pages indexed in Yahoo

You can click on each button to get more information about rank or pages indexed:

WebRank info

2. SEO Toolbar

SEO toolbar (experimental) shows:

  • PageRank,
  • Alexa Rank,
  • Popularity Index Rank

SEO toolbar

3. SEOquake

SEOquake is mentioned as #3 just because I’ve shared it so many times already that it is unlikely to be new to you. The SEO-at-a-glance feature can be in the form of an SEO toolbar (a regular FireFox toolbar) or an SEOquake bar (the transparent bar appearing on the page itself. It can be toggled by default).

SEOquake has plenty of data to show including:

  • Google PR;
  • Number of indexed pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing;
  • Age of the domain;
  • Backlinks to the domain and page (via Yahoo SiteExplorer);
  • Delicious bookmarks, etc:

SEOquake bar

All these stats sources an be turned off / on or customized via preferences (which can be accessed via the icon in the status bar or “TOOLS” menu):

SEOquake preferences

4. SEOBook Toolbar

SEOBook SEO toolbar offers a quick access to the following third-party stats:

  • Google PR;
  • Age of the domain;
  • Backlinks to the domain and page (via Yahoo SiteExplorer);
  • Compete rank:

SEObook toolbar





Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Tanveer

    Awesome one, i was looking for just Pages indexed addon but here is the full SEO toolbar. I can say only Awesome post i got here everything thank you so much….

  • Steven Perez

    What’s the URL for SEO Toolbar?

  • Lessy

    I really wonder ever what the fuzz is about this Alexa-rank. Who needs it? Who cares? Why does it exist?

    • Shiva

      Hi Lessy,

      Alexa rank means page views of a site. its same for entire site not like google pr. Mainly its useful for advertising people,

  • Seomator

    seo foxy is another good extension too

    Lessy: alex rank helps you determine the average traffic of the website. I consider AR more important then PR because traffic means (usually) a trusted website… in these day Page Rank isn’t reliable anymore.

  • Lessy

    @Shiva: Well, I knew THAT. But here’s the question: What good is a measurement-value, if only selected people provide the data? In this case, only these people that have the Alexa toolbar installed will be counted, afaik. And that’s how many? I know NOT ONE and I’m into Search professionally. So?

  • Lessy

    @seomator: PageRank is out of the question…

  • Hadith

    Thanks for these, am currently using quirk search status for firefox, got all of the above lus much more such as keyword density etc

  • DRM

    I 100% agree Lessy. It’s a ridiculous metric that far too many people pay attention to. I work for an SEO agency and not 1 of the 40 staff here have the toolbar installed. The actual numbers of people using this will be such a small percentage of internet users and therefore the data will provide no useful insight at all. Instead it will provide an extremely skewed take on traffic that will only lead to misinform.

  • Rez

    I think seoquake slows down the overall searching.