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31 Million Domains Have Adopted Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Technology

In a look back at the state of AMP since launch, it was revealed there are now 31 million domains with AMP pages.

Speed has resulted in an increase of revenue, with publishers on AMP earning three times more revenue per day in the past year alone. There are now 100 ad tech platforms supporting AMP.

Google attributes the success of ads on AMP pages in large part to the release of Fast Fetch, which is a technology that allows ads to load 2.7 seconds faster. One of Google’s top priorities now is to make sure all AMP partners are utilizing Fast Fetch.

Publishers can now utilize third-party technology partners while leveraging the power of Fast Fetch. This has been made possible with a new component called Real-Time Config. Google says this will allow publishers to reap the full benefits of AMP without hindering their monetization strategy.

”For example, publishers can now leverage their data management platforms or server-side demand aggregators such as Prebid Server on their AMP pages.”

In a related development announced this week, AMPHTML ads are now supported by AdZerk, Logicad, and Google Web Designer. AMPHTML ads are ad units built with the same code that’s used to build AMP pages. These ads are said to load 5 seconds faster than traditional ads while being more secure.

Google says there is still progress to be made with AMP, and plans to continue working on achieving its goal of making the web faster.

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31 Million Domains Have Adopted Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Technology

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