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Ads on AMP Pages Will Now Load Even Faster

Ads on AMP pages are now even faster, according to an announcement from the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.

Phase 2 of the AMP Project’s advertising plan has been completed, which brings it two thirds of the way toward creating a “truly excellent advertising experience.”

You can see the entire three-phase plan laid out in the graphic below:
As a result of the infrastructure developed in Phase 2, major ad networks like AdZerk, DoubleClick, AdSense and TripleLift are serving AMP ads.

In addition to AMP ads loading faster, regular ads on AMP pages are said to be loading faster as well. The following section will go into more detail about how this has been accomplished.

Fast Fetch

A feature called “Fast Fetch” allows ad requests to be made before the ad response is rendered. With the two actions being performed independent of each other, ad slots will render before the user is about to view them.

That means no waiting for ads to load. When a user lands on an AMP page, both content and ads will be immediately available for them to see.

Eligible ads served through DoubleClick and AdSense will be automatically converted to AMP format when published on an AMP page. The volume of eligible ads will increase as more become converted into AMP format.

In the future, Fast Fetch will also be able to support the following features:

  • Competitive exclusions and roadblocks for AMP pages
  • Ability to refresh ads at a configurable frequency
  • Support for enhancing ad requests with targeting information to the ad server in real-time

The AMP Project will now move into Phase 3 of its advertising plan, which involves:

  • Empowering ad networks to auto-convert and deliver AMP Ads.
  • Having ad servers support uploading and delivering custom made AMP Ads.
  • Building functionality that helps creative developers build AMP Ads.
  • Partnering with more ad creation tools to output AMP Ads by default.
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Ads on AMP Pages Will Now Load Even Faster

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