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3 Ways to Give Your Keywords Prominence

While I’ve never been advocative of focusing on such an old and overused SEO technique as keyword density, keyword prominence is something you should always bear in mind.

If you handle it right you will achieve:

  • better rankings;
  • higher crawl rate;
  • better-looking snippets in SERPs (and thus better clickthrough), etc.

Keyword prominence can be basically achieved by:

  • making sure the most important element goes after (or is close to) the opening <body> tag in the page source code;
  • including your keyword in the SEO-sensitive elements of the page: title, anchor text, bold text, alt text, etc.

Let’s see how we can make one element/keyword of the page prominent over others:

  1. Emphasize the most important keywords of the page with the help of basic semantic structure: make sure to take full advantage of H1, H2, H3 tags to make your page structure perfectly clear to a search bot.
  2. Use SOC (source ordered content) technique especially in cases when your (customer’s) designer’s desires come into conflict with on-page SEO. The technique is simple and widely used: place your keyword-rich content closer to the top of the page in the source code and use CSS to order all page elements the way it pleases the web designer’s eye.
  3. (A copywriting technique used in journalism) Try inverted pyramid writingthat is, use the first paragraph to give a short summary of the content below and to include your keywords there (that’s also an effective blogging technique when you let those summaries appear on the home page and the full content on the single post page – thus avoiding duplicate content issue).
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3 Ways to Give Your Keywords Prominence

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