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How to Analyze Page Keyword Prominence

While keyword density is really something SEOs should really stop paying attention to, keyword prominence is a concept that still should be analyzed and evaluated.

Keyword prominence can be analyzed by a key phrase usage in:

  • the title of a page;
  • meta description;
  • H1 and H2 tags;
  • Alt tags;
  • Anchor text of both internal and external links;
  • Bold and italic text;
  • beginning of the body text;
  • overall text.

You can perform this analysis manually by checking the page source, using all-in-one great tools (like RankSense discussed previously) or taking advantage of free online tools that have their own drawbacks but might be still useful nevertheless:

Element to analyze: Ranks SEOworkers RankQuest Seoquake
Title tag + + +
Meta Description + + +
+ +
Alt tags + + +
Anchor texts + + +
Bold text + +
Italic text +
Text 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases 1-, 2-, 3-word phrases 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- word phrases

Ranks Keyword Density and Prominence Tool analyzes a page most prominent 1-, 2- and 3-word phrases.

SEOworkers SEO Analysis Tool adds useful beginners’ recommendations (e.g. if the number of links on a page exceeds 100 or meta description is too long/short).

RankQuest Keyword Density Analyzer shows you results for the exact key phrase you specify (hence suitable only if you already know which keyword the page was optimized for).

Seoquake SEO toolbar Density Analyzer is best at exploring the body text only. While focusing on keyword density (the concept that is rather useless in a sense webmasters used to think of it), the tool is great for defining which phrases the page was optimized for.

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How to Analyze Page Keyword Prominence

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