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3 FireFox Addons to Easier Copy Links and Anchor Texts

Do you copy-paste links a lot? Most of our readers are most likely to.

This post offers a few useful FireFox addons that will let you copy links from the web easier and faster. Enjoy!

1. Copy Links

Copy Links addon allows to quickly copy all or selected URLs with anchors to clipboard:

Copy Links

A very similar addon: Copy Link URL: this addon lets you select a few links on a page and copy the URLs of them to clipboard (unlike in the above addon, there’s no option to copy ALL URLs on the current page):

Copy link URL

With either of the two, if you copy the selected URLs in the above screenshots, you’ll get the following:

Copy Link URLs

2. Copy Link Text

Unlike with the above two, this addon lets you copy the visible text of the selected link (one link only). With it, you won’t have to use your mouse to highlight the link to copy its text (If you are a heavy FireFox user, you may have noticed that highlighting links there is pain): this tool adds an option to the context menu so that when right-clicking a link, its text can be immediately copied – without the trouble of using the mouse to highlight the text exactly or the annoyance of unintentionally visiting the page of the link.

Copy Link Text

3. Copy URLs and Text for Multiple Links

If you copy links a lot, consider MultiLinks which adds plenty of possible actions for multiple links. It seems to be primarily used for opening multiple links but can as well be configured to copy multiple links. From addon options, click “Actions” tab and choose what you want to do with the selected links. In our case we may want to select one of the three options:

  1. Copy URLs and titles of the selected links
  2. Copy only URLs of the selected links
  3. Copy only titles (link text) of the selected links

MultiLinks options

Links are selected with the set combination of keys and mouse buttons: you can customize these in the options as well. In my options these are:

Multi Links options

After all the settings are customized, you will be able to select your links using the combination of keys and buttons you have created:


The selected links will be instantly copied without you doing anything else:

Copied links

What’s more, the addon offers a handy option to copy links from Google SERPs results. Its “Smart Selection” feature, when enabled, allows you to select only links to actual search results (ignoring “Cache”, “Similar” and other extra links in SERPs).


When used in combination with any Greasemonkey scripts that remove Google redirects from Google search results, this can enable you to copy groups of links (URLs and Titles) from SERPs in one click!

Multi Links: Google SERPs

Any other link copying tricks you may want to share? Maybe similar tips for other browsers than FireFox? Let’s discuss!

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3 FireFox Addons to Easier Copy Links and Anchor Texts

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