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How to Remove Redirects from Google SERPs

Let me first explain why you need the tools described in this post. Google uses redirects to link to each page from its results page. This way it tracks your clicks in and out, and at the same time this way it makes it very difficult to copy the destination URL from SERPs.

A non-SEO user may never notice that but to me that sometimes turns into the real headache. Say, I am writing a post and want to find earlier published articles on the topic to refer to. So I just go to Google, type [ keyword] and get the list of related articles. Now, I remember what each post is about in tiniest detail (because that was me who wrote them) and all I need is the URL but to get it I need to click through.

Google redirect

Luckily, there are a number of Greasemonkey scripts that remove redirects from Google SERPs for privacy and usability purposes:

Google Anonymizer (or a similar one: Disable Google Search Result Redirect) "transforms you into a ghost for google" by anonymizing search requests to google and removes tracking systems on the results page.

Google anonymizer

"Linkify Google Search Results" – this script turns the green URL below each Google search result into a clickable link (when hovered over). What makes it a great tool is that it "linkifies" every directory in the file path. For example, in the example below, you can quickly access as well as as well as destination:

Google redirect

"Obviously Scrub Google Redirect Links" – this one removes the Google redirect in search result links, and adds an extra plain link so you can be sure it’s done it:

Google redirect

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How to Remove Redirects from Google SERPs

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