3 Best Desktop Backlink Checking Tools

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Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty
3 Best Desktop Backlink Checking Tools

Last week I published an overview of web-based backlink checking tools that are great for anchor text analysis. In the post comments Avi offered me an idea to review available desktop solutions.

I’ve been sitting the whole day downloading, installing, testing and uninstalling applications and in the end narrowed my list to only 3 tools I found really useful (most of the tools I came across either didn’t work or focused on rather outdated and now mostly useless features like reciprocal links checking and monitoring). Apart from other helpful options all three I chose are great for the following:

  • they fetch backlink anchor text;
  • they check for “link type” (e.g. direct, nofollow, etc);
  • they allow for powerful sorting options necessary to arrive at valuable conclusions.

1. Seobook BackLink Analyzer is a great free (Windows-only) application that has a number of useful options:

  • backlinking TLD;
  • backlink anchor text;
  • linked page URL;
  • backlinking site IP address;
  • linking page outbound links;
  • backlinking domain Dmoz and Yahoo directory presence;
  • backlink nofollow flag.

It also has a handy export feature, and offers overall backlink summary, link summary per IP address and keyword-in-anchor-text summary. One more promising option I haven’t tested effectively include reciprocal link check.

Seobook backlink Analyzer

2. SEO SpyGlass – another impressive (paid) application (available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X) that offers an exhaustive backlinking report:

  • backlinking page Google PR;
  • backlinking page title;
  • reciprocal link presence;
  • link anchor text;
  • linked page URL;
  • backlink page outbound and total links;
  • backlink domain IP address;
  • backlinking site Alexa rank;
  • backlinking domain Dmoz and Yahoo directory mentions;

You can also save the project and enjoy a range of analysis options: anchor text, PageRank distribution, etc.

SEO SpyGlass

3. BackLinks Master (Windows-only app) looks neat but I had some problems to get it running. The good news is that it’s free and has a number of good features:

  • you can view all links or links sorted by domain;
  • it will also check the anchor text and link type.

BackLinks Master

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