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24% of Search Marketers Are Now Running Responsive Search Ads

24% of Search Marketers Are Now Running Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads (RSAs) are catching on quickly with search marketers after being introduced less than a year ago.

Marin Software’s Q1 2019 digital marketing benchmark report shows that nearly a quarter (24%) of marketers are utilizing RSAs.

Google introduced RSAs in July 2018, which are ad units that use machine learning to adapt to users’ queries.

At that time the ad units were only available in beta, which makes the adoption rate feel even more significant.

Wesley MacLaggan, SVP of Marketing at Marin Software, states in a press release:

“Up-and-coming ad formats like Shopping Ads, Responsive Search Ads, and Messenger Ads rose in popularity this quarter as advertisers looked for ways to capture consumer attention in this evolving digital landscape.”

Here are some other key takeaways from the report.

Q1 2019 Digital Marketing Benchmark Report

Other notable statistics from the report include:

  • There was a 6% decrease in CPCs YoY across all verticals worldwide
  • The CPC decrease is attributed to low-cost mobile ads consuming a larger piece of the pie.
  • Messenger had the highest CPC of all Facebook-owned inventory.
  • Instagram ads now command 20% of total Facebook spend
  • 34% of Instagram ads sold were Stories ads
  • 22% of advertisers are running Google Shopping Ads
  • On average, 39% of search budgets are dedicated to Google Shopping Ads
  • Mobile accounted for 43% of spend share across all verticals

The latest report from Marin Software was created using aggregated data from customers who invest billions of dollars in combined annualized ad spend on paid search, social, mobile, and eCommerce.

For even more data, see the full report here.

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24% of Search Marketers Are Now Running Responsive Search Ads

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