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2005 Best Search Engine News Blog : Search Engine Watch Blog

2005 Best Search Engine News Blog : Search Engine Watch Blog

In a pretty tight race for the top three spots in the Best Search Engine News Blog of 2005, Search Engine Watch’s Blog, Search Engine Roundtable, and Threadwatch top the reader rankings in the Search Engine Journal 2005 Search Blog Awards voting. From an insider point of reference, I would like to note that SERoundtable and Threadwatch were neck and neck at the beginning of the voting week. However, one blog did shine a bit brighter in the opinion of readers than the other two.

With only a couple of days left in reader polling, Search Engine Watch Blog, with its strong brand as the premier search engine information reference site and quality blogging from Danny Sullivan & Gary Price, pulled ahead with reader votes. After reviewing the rankings which Search Engine Journal readers determined in the week long voting period, I’ve come to the conclusion that a blog is as strong as its timeliness and in-depth writing and with an all star cast of bloggers coupled with the reach of the Search Engine Watch site and a trusted relationship with the search engine – SEW’s blog takes the cake.

In addition to the blog, with the support of Search Engine Watch Forums which were added over the past year or so, the SEW site has proven that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Let’s just hope that Danny & Co. add some comments in 2006 🙂

Search Engine Journal 2005 Best Search Blog Awards for Best Search Engine News Blog voting ranked as follows:

Search Engine Watch Blog : 3.64
Search Engine Roundtable : 3.29
Threadwatch : 3.24
John Battelle Search Blog : 3.15
Search Views : 2.89
Google Blogoscoped : 2.86
Top Rank Blog : 2.80 : 2.78
Search Engine Lowdown : 2.67
Research Buzz : 2.60
Marketing Pilgrim : 2.57
Pandia : 2.51

Results for the Matt Cutts vs. Jeremy Zawodny voting will be published tomorrow along with a rundown of all the Search Engine Journal 2005 Search Blog Awards. Hold on to the edge of your seats for the final awards posting!

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2005 Best Search Engine News Blog : Search Engine Watch Blog

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