16 Crucial Link Building Tools for Inhouse SEOs

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Ask 1 inhouse SEO about her crucial, must-have link building tools and you’ll get 3-4. Ask 7 inhouse SEOs about their favorite link building tools and you’ll get, well, 16 😉 This list serves as an excellent starting point for new, inhouse link builders. There are some gems missing of course – we only caught up with 7 SEOs, not 70… Please add your favorite tools to the comments, and, especially, add new ways to use old tools!

We ordered the list based on the number of mentions from our expert contributors.

16 Crucial Link Building Tools

  1. Open Site Explorer: 4 mentions
  2. Yahoo Site Explorer: 3 mentions
  3. Google Search: 2 mentions
  4. Raven SEO Tools: 2 mentions
  5. SEO for Firefox: 2 mentions
  6. Ontolo Link Building Query Generator: 2 mentions
  7. Majestic SEO
  8. Google Webmaster Tools
  9. Internal Analytics
  10. Competitive Link Finder
  11. Juicy Link Finder
  12. Telephone + Email
  13. Brand recognition in my competitive space
  14. Our Social Media Manager
  15. Textbroker
  16. Spin Profit

Link Building Tool Notes from Our Experts

Our inhouse link builders wrote quite a bit about the tools they love, along with some basic tips on their usage.

Dan London on the key failure of link building tools: “Many of the tools still require a high level of hands-on analysis. There really isn’t a tool that I’d trust 100% right now to give me a full analysis. I use them all as a base and then spin the data myself.”

Aaron Bradley on Analytics for Link Building: “Knowing where your traffic is coming from can provide valuable data on two fronts. First, referrer metrics can help identify linking sites where the link relationship can be improved. Second, it can help identify what types of sites are providing you with tractionable links, allowing you to focus your link prospecting on categories of websites from which you should have – all things being equal – an easier time acquiring links.”

Al Scilitani on Talent: “Our Social Media Manager is a crucial link building “tool” for building relationships with site owners and discovering new sites/technologies related to our industry.”

Ross Hudgens on SEO for Firefox: “I almost didn’t include SEO for Firefox on the list because I’ve taken it for granted, but as a way of cutting down link valuation time, it has been an incredible resource.”

Nadeem Anjum on a good angle: “An angle to why they should link to you is the single most important aspect of high quality link building. A good angle can bring good returns, you just have to think of it.”

Aaron Bradley on Webmaster Tools: “Webmaster Tools can help identify which deep linking targets are strong, and which require more link love.”

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Garrett French
Garrett French is a long time search marketer, blogger and conversatrional marketing consultant.
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  • SERP

    I have never heard of Spin Profit so I am excited to see what that can do. I also use Conductors LinkCenter for competitive backlink intelligence and gap analysis.

    Along with Google WebmasterTools, I use server logs to identify 404 errors and turn them into 301s with a proper landing page (GWMT + Logs = easiest and cheapest link building tactic)

  • http://twitter.com/bartgibby Bart Gibby

    I can’t believe ALM or advanced link manager didn’t make the list, I use it to analyze all my links and potential links. Its the best analysis tool I know of. I grab my data sources such as MajesticSEO and import the links into ALM. Its where I aggregate and validate all my data.

  • http://www.sitereviewboard.com/ Elton Sites

    It seems no one on your staff uses SEOQuake and the SEOMoz since they were not on the list. I had been using it to for a time and find it very useful on monitoring the site’s various rankings.

    • http://twitter.com/bartgibby Bart Gibby

      I forgot about SEOQuake, maybe I’ll look at it again. SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer was mentioned.

  • http://twitter.com/kaaist Kyle Pearce

    Nice collection of link building resources, thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really nice collection, I have used a couple of them and still using to this days, particularly the Google Webmaster Tools.

  • http://www.rankinspector.com Wolter Tjeenk Willink

    Nice set of SEO tools, also for a non-inhouse link building or SEO specialist. We also make use of RankInspector SEO Tools. It offers great ranking analysis and link management solutions.