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The Latest in Search and Social News

The fine folks here at SEJ recently asked if we’d bring some of our search geekiness for you as part of a ‘Search Geek News’ series. Essentially it’s a look back at the past week of SEO (and Social) happenings from the world of search. My name is Dave… (aka theGypsy) and starting this week I’ll be your guide into all the latest search reading for the seriously obsessed..

If you’ve been too busy to get out and read the latest, be sure to drop in each week for some of the more interesting stories. Each edition we’ll cover general interest, geo/local, IR goodies for the geeks, social search and even the latest patent’s that came out. Be sure to tune in each week for the BEST in Search and Social news!

Now, on with the show!

The Buzz Bin


Google Soon To Allow Cross Domain Canonical Tag: This Is Big – Barry was reporting on a very interesting development for the rel/canonical tags. It seems we will soon be able to use them across multiple domains – is it really big news? We’re not so sure it would get used all that much… but interesting.
Google on handling Duplicate content – Shaun over at Hobo, had some related coverage of some Googler comments on handling duplicate content issues. The skinny? Don’t block the dupes – redirect the juice, (but we knew that already right?) – Here is the official Google post on the topic.


Recovering from link building mistakes – is a great post that looks at rehab for link building campaigns gone wrong! Considering the large amount of work I do with SEO Penalties… these are some solid tips for webmasters (hopefully most SEOs know better than to shoot themselves in the foot).
Can Gibberish rank? – our fav geek and SOSG namesake, CJ, had a fun post that looks at search engines and content analysis. Def a must read for the geeks out there.


16 Things I’ve Learned About Business while Being an SEO Consultant – Todd over on had some common sense tips that anyone (in the SEO game) can use to improve how they go about the every-day! (‘take lots of notes’ is a personal fav… note making madness over here I tells ya!)


The best SEO strategy – with yet another tightly targeted title, Michael Martinez drops some good strategy for geeks and noobs alike! If you learn one thing from MM… it’s TARGET YOUR TITLEs…lol (great posts to go with them of course)


Where are all the women SEOs? – is the title of our very own Angie the copywriter! This one actually started as a discussion on the boards then evolved to Twitter and eventually this post. A great topic that certainly had legs.
Yahoo also drops the meta KW tag – while mildly interesting… VERY mild, it seems worth noting. This is the coverage from the gang at Search CowBoys.
Header tag sculpting theory – showing some definite skillz in the humour dept. – the Lamp (office or house?) penned a fun and educational post on Header Tag Sculpting. Thanks for a great laugh gang!


Bing SEO Strategies – is an interesting round up of Bing centric SEO ideas from the gang at SEO Book. Peter has some good insight… for me? It’s heavy with; On-Page SEO/TITLE/URL and the links aren’t quite as powerful as with G.
…and the winners are! – we’d also like to give a quick shout out to the latest Chicks on the scene! The winner’s of SEO Chicks recent contest (to find new members) finished up late last week – drop in to find out who the lucky winners are.
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Search Geek Central


Search Stuff

Here are some of the search geekiness that caught our eye for this edition;

Google Webmaster Tools Patent on Crawl Rates – SEO by the Sea

A relevance rank for communication – Geeking with Greg

Google is sharpening it’s squares – the Noisy Channel


Social Search

These stories are mostly related to the emerging world of Social Searching;

Twitter Talking With Google, Microsoft About Data Sharing – Search Engine Watch

Goby: A Search Engine to Cure Your Boredom – Mashable

Twitter Search Refines Trend Searches To Give You More Real-Time Results, – TechCrunch

Local SEO

The happenings from the world of local/geo search;

Google Geo Targeting Some UK Sites to France?, Search Engine Roundtable

Everything you need to know about Google local business center – Think Seer

Be wary of tracking numbers in local search – Search Engine Land

Exploring Local Google Maps – The Brand


All the latest videos for SEO peeps that we thought were interesting;


Google Faculty Summit 2009: Google Wave – Google Tech Talks


Search Round Up – Barry (via Search Engine Roundtable)

Which is better and HTML site map or an SML one? – Matt Cutts

Un-crawled URLs in search results – Matt’s got a white board

Un-crawled URLs and Yellow Pages – Jim Stewart (some commentary on MCs post)


If it’s tools you’re after, here’s what we found for you this week;

Foxy SEO; a quick way to access multiple tools – Search Engine Journal

Google keyword tool v KW external – SEO Gadget

Monitor Any Page with Website Monitor Google Gadget – Search Engine Journal

SOSG Alerts

Here we have alll kinds of geekiness for the seriously obsessed (outside of the Big 3);

NewsDots – nifty visual approach to news search/recommendations

Whoozy – a new people search engine.

Nu2Me provides a central location for links from, and! was founded in 2003 with the vision that an effective, free, online marketplace for the sale of used goods would reduce landfill content and benefit the environment.

Pillbox was developed to aid in the identification of unknown solid dosage pharmaceuticals.

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Search Patents

This week’s interesting awards from the world of search patents;


And that’s it for this edition – be sure to tune in next week for more from the search obssessed!

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David Harry aka the Gypsy

‘7 Days of Search and Social’ is a joint effort from Search Engine Journal and the SEO Dojo to bring you the latest in SEO and Social Media news. Each week (on Tuesdays) we’ll be posting the highlights of the most recent newsletter here on Search Engine Journal.

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The Latest in Search and Social News

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