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11 Essential Facts You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Gear

11 Essential Facts You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Gear


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Samsung made some major headlines after unveiling the Galaxy Gear on September 4. While the watch didn’t win over every critic, it was still a major accomplishment. We finally have a piece of technology that Dick Tracy had back in the 1930s. But, even more boggling than the reality of finally having a wristwatch that’s a computer, is that Samsung is already developing a sequel. Why’s this so head-scratching? The company made this announcement before its first smartwatch has even arrived in stores, which is expected here in the States next month. We think Samsung may be getting a bit ahead of themselves here. Which is why we all need to take a step back and explore the Galaxy Gear a little more in-depth before there are any sort of misunderstandings. After-all, if you don’t anything about the first Galaxy Gear, how can Samsung release a model that’s more effective. With that in mind, here are 11 things that you need to know about Samsung’s first smartwatch.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Gear will be available in six different colors including orange, black, beige, gray, green and rose gold.
  • The device has a 1.63 inch display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.
  • The watch is equipped with a tiny camera of 1.9 MP. Along with Memographer, you’ll be able to access an imaging sensor to take pictures with a simple swipe.
  • The Gear will run on Android 4.3 known as Jelly Bean.
  • Samsung stated that APIs will be available for developers in the future.
  • Currently, the Gear is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Note 10.1. Other Samsung devices are expected to become compatible after a software update.
  • The band includes some tech as well, such as speakers and a built-in mic. This means you can use the Gear to make and receive calls.
  • Speaking of phones, you can ignore unwanted calls by simply placing your hand over the phone.
  • It’s expected that the battery life will last one whole day.
  • Samsung expects around 70 third-party apps to be ready when the Gear launches. We previously announced the first 16 apps.
  • Samsung’s Smart Watch will  respond to voice commands using a Siri-like assistant called S voice.


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