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10 SEO Bookmarklets to Analyze Page Links and Images

10 SEO Bookmarklets to Analyze Page Links and Images

Here is the third part of my SEO bookmarklets collection. If you missed the first two, be sure to check them out: Google bookmarklets and bookmarklets for on-page SEO diagnostics and domain stats analysis.

This time I am listing SEO bookmarklets allowing for a quick access to more on-page factors: page internal and external links and images.

Note: again, to use any of the following bookmarklets, simply drag it to your bookmarks toolbar (should work across multiple browsers; I’ve tested all of them only in FireFox).

Analyze page links:

Full urls as link text

  • Full urls as link text – change all link text to match their full URLs;
  • Page links – find all page links (including liked images) containing the specified word in the URL string;
  • Linked pages – find all page outbound links;
  • Int/Ext links – visualizes page links by coloring internal links red, external links blue, and in-page links orange.
  • Find links to – find links to a (change for your own) on a current page;
  • Links number – shows how many links (int + ext) a web page contains;

Analyze page images:

  • Check Images – lists the URLs of broken images;
  • Zap Images – replaces the page images for their alternative text;
  • Check Alts – shows which images have no alternative text;
  • List Alts – in a new tab opens the list of images along with their alt texts (or “missing” or “empty”);


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10 SEO Bookmarklets to Analyze Page Links and Images

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