10 Extremely Cool Twitter Tricks For Newbies

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10 Extremely Cool Twitter Tricks For Newbies

If you’re one of the 600 million plus registered users on Twitter, you may be searching for some helpful hints on how to make your experience more effective. After all, we can’t spend all day going through our feed and replying to retweets. We’re all busy. And, thankfully, there a ton of useful apps, tools and tricks that can accomplish exactly that. For example, you can use Themeleon to create an awesome new background to make your account stand out a bit.

And, there’s also the useless tricks and hacks that you can do simply because you just can. It won’t exactly make you a Twitter powerhouse, but it’s something to do if you’re ever bored.

No matter what you’re going to do with the following tricks, here are our favorite 10 extremely cool Twitter tricks:

10. Setting Up Twitter Via Mobile SMS

2014-01-09 11_22_34-Twitter _ SettingsScreenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

Twitter was based on the SMS model, so it only makes sense that you can receive and send tweets via your mobile phone. Who says you need one of those new fancy smartphones?

How To Do It:

If you already have a Twitter account, which you probably do since you’re visiting this page, it’s easy. Just go to Settings on your desktop, select mobile and enter your number. Twitter will send you a verification code. Enter the code and proceed to login on your mobile. After successfully logging in, you can select the notifications you wish to receive on your phone, such as direct messages.

To send tweets via SMS, after linking your phone, find the short code for your country and text your tweet to that code. For example, in the U.S., you would tweet to by texting 40404.

9. Deleting Location

2014-01-09 11_25_28-Twitter _ SettingsScreenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

There may times when you don’t want people to know where you’re at. It’s fun to be mysterious sometimes. Here’s how you can turn off your Twitter location.

How To Do It:

Go into Settings, then Security. You’ll see a Delete All Location button. This will remove the location from all of your current and previous tweets.

8. Add Multiple Accounts With One Email Address

Gmail_Login_Page_September_2011Image Source: Wikipedia

Do you have multiple Twitter accounts? If you’re a power user, it’s not far-fetched that you might have a business and personal account. Instead of logging in and out between accounts, wouldn’t it more effective to have all your accounts in location? Of course it would! Simply open your profile page, go to ‘Accounts’ and just click the ‘Add Account’ button. Enter your second username and password, and now you can toggle between the two accounts.

The catch? You’ll need a different email address. Or, do you?

How To Do It:

If you have a Gmail account, you’re in luck. Gmail has a cool feature which allows you to alter you address just by adding a dot anywhere in your username. For example, johnsmith@gmail.com could be john.smith@gmail.com or j.ohnsmith@gmail.com. The cool part is that all your messages will be sent to you arrive in your mailbox. Why? Because Google ignores the period. Twitter, however, doesn’t. To Twitter, this is a completely different address.

Another way to use on email account for different Twitter handles would be by having the typical @gmail for one account and @googlemail.com for the second. You could probably do this with alias and domains as well. Or, just forward everything to Gmail.

7. Time Your Mobile Alerts

2014-01-09 11_37_10-Twitter _ SettingsScreenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

Have you ever been woken up by Twitter alerts at 3 am in the morning? If you have friends that like to stay up late and get a little tipsy or because a colleague who lives in a different time zone is already at work, then you know this can be an annoyance. But, it can be easily resolved.

How To Do It:

Head back into the mobile section on your Twitter web page and add your phone – which you may have already done. From there, you can change the settings so that you can only receive notifications whenever it’s best for you.

6. Schedule Tweets

tweetQueueImage Source: Twuffer

In case you weren’t aware, the best time to tweet is Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. for most content. So, if you have an interesting piece of information to share on a Sunday night, it might be better to wait into the morning. But, what if you forget to send out that juicy tweet? How about scheduling it?

How To Do It:

While marketers can already do this, you might have to download a program like TweetDeck, BufferLaterBro or Future Tweets to schedule tweets.

5. Embed Tweets

2014-01-09 11_39_38-Albert Costill (albertcostill) on TwitterScreenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

Gone are the days of taking a screenshot of a tweet that you want to share on your blog or website. Save time by easily embedding tweets.

How To Do It:

Select the tweet that you want to share. On the bottom right side of the tweet, next to ‘Favorite’, you should notice the ‘More’ option. Drop that down and you’ll see the ‘Embed Tweet’. Click that option and a new screen will appear with a code that you’ll copy and paste onto your site or blog.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

2014-01-09 11_43_52-Albert Costill (albertcostill) on Twitter

Screenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

We’re all busy, and it’s easy to get lost on Twitter. What began as a quick glance at your notifications became a full-fledged hour-long Twitter fest. If only there were a way to speed things along. Well, of course there is – with some helpful keyboard shortcuts.

How To Do It:

On your keyboard, simply type a shortcut. For example, typing in ‘g h’ will take you back to the home page. Besides navigation, there are also shortcuts for actions for individual tweets, such as typing ‘t’ will retweet. Here’s a handy list.

Navigating Timelines:

  • g then h to go home

  • g then r to go to your replies/mentions

  • g then p to go to your profile

  • g then f to go to your favorites

  • g then m to go to your direct messages

  • g then u then search to view any user’s timeline

Actions for Individual Tweets:

  • f to favorite a tweet

  • r to reply to a tweet

  • t to retweet

  • m to send a direct message

  • n to compose a new tweet

3. Filter Search Results

2014-01-09 11_50_22-Twitter _ Search - albertcostill - rtScreenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

By now you’ve probably played around with #Discover. It’s a cool little feature that selects the most interesting and popular tweets tailored just for you. But, why not take it a step further? Here’s several ways to filter your searches so that you’ll  narrow down the results.

How To Do It:

Retweet free search result, type: [“name” -rt]

Tweets with links: [“name” -filter:links]

To filter out tweets referencing Twitter name:

[-from:username] – filters out all tweets coming from a user;
[-@username] – filters out all tweets referencing a user.

Wanna know if someone has said something good or bad about you?

[“Your name” :)]
[“Your name” :(]

Question: ?

Location: near:NYC within:5mi

Certain User: from:username

Since a Certain Date: since:2014-01-09
Up to the Same Date: until:2014-01-09

2. Period Before @mention

2014-01-09 14_36_26-Twitter _ Search - .@ESPNScreenshot of Twitter on 1/9/2014

Did you ever spot a period before an @mention? No, it wasn’t mistake. It serves a purpose. Placing a period before you @mention, will allow your Tweet to appear in the feeds of all of your followers. Without a period before you @mention, your tweet is considered conversational, so it will appear on your stream, the stream of whoever you Tweeted at, and the followers you both share.

How To Do It:

Just place a dot before the @, like this: .@albertcostill thanks for the book!


1. Gaining More Followers

2014-01-10 18_47_22-Twitter _ Search - #followtrick

Screenshot of Twitter on 1/10/2014

Of course you want to gain more followers on Twitter. That’s kind of the purpose, right? You can easily do this over time by engaging in conversions and retweeting interesting posts. Also having a profile image and a bio helps. But, what if you want to speed the process up just a bit?

How To Do It:

One of the easiest ways is to follow industry leaders. We’re talking about influential people like Jeff Bullas, if you’re using Twitter for a marketing purpose. More importantly, you want to follow people with similar interests. For example, if you’re in the music industry, you not only want to follow musicians, but also producers, DJs, etc. These people already have established connections. So, you want to take a look at who they are following and follow the same people, while also creating a conversation with them.

Have you used any of these Twitter tricks? If so, how did it work out for you? Was there a trick that we forgot to include?


Featured Image Credit: Chinen Keiya/Flickr

Albert Costill
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  • Ben Ustick

    Nice post, Albert! It always amazes me how many social media people don’t realize that starting with the @ mention is pretty much the equivalent to having a personal conversation. While I knew that Gmail didn’t recognize periods, I had no clue that Twitter did. That’s a nice little trick to consolidate multiple Twitter accounts into one email address. Thanks!

    • Albert Costill

      Glad you’re enjoying the article Ben.

  • Federico Einhorn

    Signed in to Multiple Accounts? There’s no “Add Account” in the “Account” section of my profile…

    • Jeric

      I think that is possible if you’re using Twitter on your smartphone.

      • Federico Einhorn

        Yeah, that’s right. I have 2 accounts in my mobile, however, it would be great to have that feature in a desktop. And I thought the post was referring to the desktop version.

    • Jeric

      Try to install Tweetdeck on your desktop. You can open and monitor multiple accounts using that desktop app. 🙂

    • Albert Costill

      It’s on the app, sorry for the confusion Federico. And, thanks for the tip Jeric.

      • Federico Einhorn

        Albert, thanks. As I just wrote an article about Twitter’s redesign to match their mobile/app version (https://www.searchenginejournal.com/marketers-mobile-first-mindset-twitter-seems-think/86061/) I thought they added that functionality.

      • Jeric

        You’re welcome sir! 😀

  • Serge

    Awesome article!

    I’m actively using twitter, though I haven’t heard of “Period before @mention”. This is really interesting. I’ll definitely try it out.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Albert
    To build up my twitter account I follow 5 people a day and do it regularly.
    I make sure that they are related to my niche and that they have a good number of followers.

    I use Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule my tweets and i use JustUnfollow to unfollow those who don’t follow back.

  • Linda

    I see the best time to tweet is Mon-Thurs 9AM to 3PM. But what time zone? 9 am in England is 4 AM PST in the US

  • Erica

    Great post! I find Tweetdeck to be great tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts. And the embedded Tweet tip is brilliant. Thanks!

  • Nikita Dubey

    I am an Internet marketing expert. I am using these tricks for my clients and getting good results.
    Thanks for great post.

  • Denny

    These are very useful informations for me and my girlfriend 😉 …. thx a lot from the Italy friend!