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When searching for blogs or marketing your own blog, one must always take blog search engines and directories into account. Some blog search engines search databases of thousands of blogs, while some search through their own directory listings.

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Currently, blogs tend to get great rankings in search engines. Why? Content and linking.

Unlike regular sites, by their very nature blogs are based on updated information which makes them extremely rich in content. Many blogs are updated several times a day with new articles, thoughts and information. After months or even weeks of inception, a blog can be seen as a wealth of topical knowledge, a quality that search engines such as Google cherish.

Blogs also contain a wealth of links. Since bloggers constantly look ways to keep their blogs updated, they are likely to provide links rather than create solely create all their content themselves. Many bloggers are “old school” Internet believers who have not forgotten that links from site-to-site helped to found the Internet and are not as worried about loosing visitors to other sites. Therefore, making a link request of a blogger is likely to yield a much better response than a link request of a regular web site. And such density of linking can lead to high search engine rankings.

Linking and content are not the only reasons owning a blog feels like time traveling back to 1995. There is much about blogging that’s still actually fast and free such as the multiple blog search engines and directories that actually have free submittals and 48 hour indexing! An added benefit is that most of these directories have high search engine rankings so getting them to link to your blog will only help the search engine rankings of your own blog.

Try searching in Google, Gigablast, or Yahoo and see how many of your results are blogs, you may be surprised :) .

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker

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23 thoughts on “Blog Search Engines

  1. Blogs = Content and Linking, I think this article and the google article are a good explanation about the rankings of weblogs.Blogs are a very interesting tool for search engine optimization. Good Posts.

  2. The idea that certain blogs do well in search engines is misleading. Only the elite five hundred to one thousand blogs gain high relevancy rankings while the rest tend to end up at the bottom of the return in the “relevancy algorithm gave up” section. Neither is accurate or particularly useful. Most bloggers who contact us believe that their postings aren’t in Google at all.

  3. I don’t think the comment that blogs do well in search engines is misleading. Sure there willl be blogs that represent personal journals that are ot going to rise to the top. However niche blogs that cover a particular topic offering news, resources, and insight will do very well. That is assuming they are updated frequently.

    And why shouldn’t these blogs do well. They offer valuable information to the public, the media and another interested parties. People doiing a search for information find it in such blogs. That’s what google wnats to acheive in perceting their algorithms.

  4. Blogs do well in search engines for selected topics, as they are updated regularly with fresh content. No matter how many changes are made, in the search engine algorithms, keywords will always be searched. Blogs contain them in spades. An interesting fact is the lack of concern, many bloggers have, with appearing high in search engine results. Instead, the blogger simply provides the spider food that search engines devour like candy. Bloggers also link generously and freely, creating incoming links. Even with so-called theming based on the content of linking blogs, the bloggers do well, due to their wide ranging topics. The themes will be touched upon sooner or later, even in specifically topical blogs. Personal blogs may appear in searches as well, but it’s important to remember what keywords are being searched. Personal diaries can also appear highly placed for certain specialized searches as well. On the other hand, topic blogs rank very highly, due to their content and link values.

  5. Thanks a lot for that list of SEs. I was excited when I recieve several visitors from feedster after 5 days from starting my blog. It’s really amazing.

  6. There is a large list of blog search engines, and directories at
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  7. Oops, forgot the HTTP! Sorry.
    reposting, cant find a edit button…
    There is a large list of blog search engines, and directories at
    LS Blogs (there is also a blog info tool , so blogs that have submitted to lsblogs can check their status in several of the main blog sites such as technorati etc from one page)

    LS Blogs

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