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ZoomInfo Relaunched : Semantic Business Information Search Engine

Claiming to have created the first market-ready semantic search engine, ZoomInfo has announced a new version of, a search engine that’s designed for business users who need access to information on companies, people and jobs. Integrating the comprehensive job search function of, ZoomInfo will allow job seekers to search for companies across a wide range of factors such as location, size and industry. will also provide a list of relevant companies which offer products and services similar to each user’s search query. Sales and marketing professionals can also use to identify business opportunities, while recruiters can effectively target and find talents for their businesses.

By moving to a traditional search engine business model and incorporating highly relevant advertising, ZoomInfo is able to provide free access to the deepest, freshest and most comprehensive information available on more than 3.5 million companies, including detailed descriptions, M&A activities, their revenues, key employees, competitors and current job openings. Business users can search for companies by name, product category, industry, market niche and more, and can expand or narrow their searches using’s automatically generated recommendations.

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ZoomInfo Relaunched : Semantic Business Information Search Engine

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