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ZoomInfo Provides Background Searches for BusinessWeek

ZoomInfo Provides Background Searches for BusinessWeek

ZoomInfo is now powering a new search tool on which enables users to instantly retrieve a ZoomInfo summary of a person’s work history for detailed background information. ZoomInfo’s People Search is located on business content pages throughout the site. By using ZoomInfo, a user can search for someone’s name and view detailed information about a specific individual’s career and accomplishments. Perhaps CNet may find interest in ZoomInfo for doing background research on Google executives.

“ZoomInfo’s search capability complements BusinessWeek Online’s in depth coverage of the global business landscape and provides a valuable tool for our users to learn more about the people driving the growth of the industries and companies covered at the Web site,” said Peggy White, Vice President & General Manager.

“BusinessWeek is a major global business franchise, and we are excited to announce this partnership with ZoomInfo search at their online site. We’ll be announcing extensive growth in this area over the next few months as we focus on broader user access to ZoomInfo search,” said Gary Halliwell, president of Zoom Information. “We want to make sure users can get to our search engine from their most relied on resources, whether from partners like BusinessWeek Online, with phenomenal content, to more general purpose access points such as mainstream search engines and desktop applications.”

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ZoomInfo Provides Background Searches for BusinessWeek

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