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ZoomInfo Adds Business Relationships & Networking to People Search

ZoomInfo Adds Business Relationships & Networking to People Search

The ZoomInfo people search engine now is ‘exposing’ automatically built lists of colleagues and relationships in its summaries. According to their press release, the new ZoomInfo offering sounds like an interesting mix of a business person information search engine and LinkedIn: Enabling instant networking and discovery, the relationships that ZoomInfo has uncovered using artificial intelligence are published in search results along with photos and any personal information that individual users add to their summaries. Company summaries, formerly in limited beta release, now include financial information, key employees, competitor search and more.

“Who you know, and who knows you, is a large measure of how you are valued today in business,” said Jonathan Stern, founder and CEO of Zoom Information Inc. “Discovering relationships on the Web and exposing them on ZoomInfo eliminates painful aspects of online social networking while elevating ZoomInfo summaries to an indispensable tool for everyone in business.” ZoomInfo now provides more information about business people and companies, and allows searching in new ways, including:

Automated, open networking

* Automatically discovered lists of colleagues enable first-degree networking in the open, free search site. Users can also invite others to join their colleague lists.
* ZoomInfo’s email engine allows direct but secure communications.. Email addresses are not published publicly to maintain the privacy of each individual.
* Automatically extracted keywords published with each summary to enable pivot searching for similar people or companies

Reputation management and promotion with search engine optimization and placement

* A universally accessible reputation management platform where users can create, edit and publish their professional summaries, add personal information, keywords, photos and more
* Search engine optimized – ZoomInfo summaries are published to be crawled by and rank highly within major search engines
* RSS publication – users can subscribe to RSS feeds of summaries to keep track of specific individuals

Company Summaries with financials, competitors, jobs and whitepapers

* Automatically built company summaries including revenue, employee number, key personnel, and web reference sources.

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ZoomInfo Adds Business Relationships & Networking to People Search

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