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Zillow and Home Owner Content

Zillow and Home Owner Content

Zillow and Home Owner Content; the real estate search, mapping and home value comparison engine, has taken user-generated content to the next level with Home ‘Owner-Generated’ content.

Over at the Search Engine Watch blog, Greg points out that is letting home owners add their own customized information along with the generated ‘Zestimates.’

Zillow previously allowed homeowners to modify and/or correct the details, features and amenities of their homes and recalculate the estimated value.

Those details and modifications can now be made public beside Zillow’s own Zestimate if owners so choose. Zillow’s Zestimates have been critiqued in some quarters for being inflated or otherwise inaccurate.

Zillow add any other cool new features to the site? Yes they have, in home value heat maps. Check out the map for my hometown – Queenstown, MD. And then check the ‘Show heat map’ option.

Notice that the farther you mouse over away from Washington, DC and Annapolis, the cheaper the homes get, which fairly accurately follows the migration of the area locals over the past 10 years as more and more home buyers have come over from the DC area.

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Zillow and Home Owner Content

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