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Zendesk Announces Availability in Google Chrome Web Store

Zendesk Announces Availability in Google Chrome Web Store

Zendesk, the cloud-based help desk technology behind Groupon and Zappos, announced today its availability in the Google Chrome Web Store. Zendesk has two offerings on the Google Chrome Web Store. The first is the Zendesk Activity
Stream that displays recent customer service activity on the computer desktop when new inquiries come in. Agents never have to miss customer service requests even if they are not working in their browser and this feature is available in multiple languages. The second Zendesk option in the Chrome store is the Launch Pad that allows customer service agents to launch into specific areas of Zendesk directly from the Chrome Apps page in their browser.

Donate to Children’s Hospital and get Starter Package for $20 a Year

Additionally, Zendesk is offering its Starter Plan free of charge to anyone who donates $20 per  year to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Typically, a Zendesk Starter subscription would cost up to $324 per year. This announcement was made in conjunction with the availability of Zendesk on the Google Chrome
Web Store.

Mikkel Svane, CEO of  Zendesk’s said, “Our goal is to make great customer service software available to everyone. Of course, we could do that by making it free, but we asked ourselves, ‘What would be better than free?’ And the answer was by helping others. We know that Zendesk’s availability on the Google Chrome Web Store would bring us many new customers regardless of price, but we wanted to pay it forward by having people donate to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital to receive their free Zendesk.”

To donate and get a free Starter Plan, go to You can also visit the Google Chrome Web Store and search for “Zendesk”.


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