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YouTube Warns Channels Against Deleting Videos

YouTube warns creators: Deleting videos may harm channel growth, advises keeping content public or unlisted.

  • YouTube warns that deleting videos can harm a channel's growth potential.
  • YouTube advises keeping videos public or unlisted instead of deleting them.
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In a recent public service announcement on Twitter, YouTube’s Product Lead for homepage and recommendation, Todd Beaupre, cautioned content creators against the arbitrary deletion of videos from their channels.

His statement points to the potential negative impact of video removal on a channel’s growth.

YouTube Says Don’t Delete Videos

Beaupre advised in his tweet:

“YouTubers: Don’t delete videos unless you have a very, very good reason. When you delete a video, you delete your channel’s connection to the audience that watched that video. If you want to maximize your growth, keep your videos public or unlist them if you must.”

YouTube’s Creator Liaison, Rene Ritchie, further amplified the message, retweeting Beaupre’s post to ensure wider visibility.

The coordinated effort from two YouTube representatives highlights the significance of the advice for content creators.

Video Deletion May Impact Channel Growth & Discoverability

YouTube’s out-of-the-way PSA on Twitter suggests that video deletion could be a weighty factor in YouTube’s algorithm for homepage recommendations.

The platform may be less likely to recommend videos from channels with a history of removing content, as it could negatively affect user experience and engagement.

YouTube’s recommendation system is designed to connect viewers with content they will likely enjoy and engage with. If a channel frequently deletes videos, it disrupts the viewer’s experience and makes it harder for the algorithm to assess the channel’s value accurately.

Unlist Rather Than Delete

The advice to keep videos public or unlisted, rather than deleting them entirely, offers creators a middle ground for managing their content without compromising its growth potential.

By maintaining a stable video catalog, creators can foster long-term connections and provide a consistent data stream for YouTube’s algorithm to evaluate their channel’s relevance and engagement.


How does deleting videos from a YouTube channel affect its growth?

Deleting videos from a YouTube channel can adversely affect the channel’s growth potential.

When a video is removed, the connection that was built between the channel and its audience through that video is lost.

This deletion can lead to reduced visibility and discoverability of the channel within YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, potentially hindering the channel’s ability to attract new viewers and negatively impacting user experience and engagement.

What is the recommended alternative to deleting videos on YouTube?

The recommended alternative to deleting YouTube videos is to keep them public or unlist them.

By doing so, creators can manage their content library without compromising their channel’s growth potential and algorithmic evaluation.

This strategy ensures the creator’s video catalog remains stable, which is beneficial for maintaining long-term connections with the audience and preserving the integrity of the channel’s data for YouTube’s recommendation system.

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YouTube Warns Channels Against Deleting Videos

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