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YouTube Videos and Picasa Web Going the HDTV Way

I know this idea may seem cool, but then would you really get excited about your newly bought HDTVs because of these features? Announced in the ongoing CES, Panasonic and YouTube are set to have reached an agreement that would bring user-generated videos uploaded into YouTube into consumers’  HDTVs. With Panasonic’s Viera HDTV equipped with Pz859 Plasma Internet-connection, consumers will have quick access to YouTube videos and Picasa Web Albums right in the comfort of their couches. 

Panasonic’s Toshihiro Sakamot is all thrilled about this new development saying that this is a revolutionary trend which will definitely make consumers enjoy YouTube videos with enhanced quality and a fully integrated widescreen TV experience. 

“YouTube is already a huge worldwide sensation, and Panasonic VIERA Internet-connected HDTV’s will greatly expand users’ entertainment options,” says Mr. Sakamot. 

Steve Chen, co-founder and CTO of YouTube on the other hand says that working with Panasonic will enable YouTube users have a great time when viewing their uploaded videos. 

“Working with an industry leader like Panasonic will deliver the same great YouTube experience that users have come to expect on their computers; browsing, finding and watching millions of YouTube videos from the comfort of their living room,”- says Chen. 

Alright, enough of the press releases. So, what’s in this for YouTube and Picasa? Increase user base, enhanced viewing of videos and pictures (its HDTV so I guess image quality should be greatly enhanced). Additional avenue for Google to display ads? While for Panasonic, this agreement would increase their HDTV’s worth and hopefully increase unit sales. 

But this would all depend on consumer perception of the feature and whether it would fuel enough interest on Panasonic’s HDTV. Common, would you really buy an ultra-expensive HDTV unit just because of YouTube and Picasa? Well, if in case I get my first HDTV unit, I would get it because I want to enjoy my favorite movies and because of my silly YouTube videos or wacky photos. 

Nonetheless, let’s see whether this brings good fortune to both companies.


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YouTube Videos and Picasa Web Going the HDTV Way

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