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YouTube Video Reviews Now Part of Google Product Search

YouTube Video Reviews Now Part of Google Product Search

If you’re fond of shooting videos when you review new products that you’ve purchased and upload them on YouTube, you might want to make it better next time. Why? Because Google Product Search may get those videos and have them featured  as one of the results for the Google Product Search.


Although Google will most likely prioritize professionally produced videos from USA Today, Wired and Digital Trends, the announcement however does say that YouTube videos can be considered as well for as long as those are relevant and of high-quality.

Videos of product reviews appear above the Similar Items when you do a Google Product Search.

If you like your videos to be included in Google Product Search, make sure to do the following when you upload them to YouTube:

Add the “youtube” attribute to your data feed. In this attribute include the YouTube video ID for each one of your products with a related YouTube video review. Video IDs are the values that follow the ‘v=’ in the YouTube URL of the video.

Include UPC, ISBN, brand, and MPN information in the tag of your YouTube video review.

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